Top 6 Tips To Keep Your Carrier Furnace Running

Heating Central Gas Furnace Issue. Technician Trying To Fix the Problem with the Residential Heating Equipment.

Keeping your furnace efficient can help it last longer, thus allowing you to enjoy savings in the future. However, like other machines, it is subject to wear and tear, regardless of your efforts to provide proper care and maintenance. Yet it doesn’t mean that keeping your Carrier furnace running is impossible.

If you don’t know where to get started, here are some tips to keep your furnace working better:

  1. Ensure Annual Maintenance Check

Ensuring your furnace undergoes an annual maintenance check is crucial for its longevity. This will be more beneficial for gas furnaces. For more information about Carrier furnace repair, installation, and maintenance, you may visit the website of professional service providers.

While you can do furnace maintenance by yourself, it’s best to hire experts to do the job. Professionals are knowledgeable about keeping your furnace in tip-top shape and ensuring that it’s running well. They’ll check everything from the combustion blower to the safety switches to adjust and optimize anything to guarantee that your furnace works fine.

Professionals may also detect any issues with your furnace early, enabling you to save yourself from trouble, enjoy savings, and keep your furnace running safely. Ensure they address these immediately and never try to do them yourself.

  1. Don’t Delay Calling The Pros For Repairs

If you notice something wrong with your furnace, including weird odors, uneven heating, short running time, strange sounds, and unusually high bills, never wait for the problem to worsen. Frankly, letting your unit run even with issues may result in more damage, making it unsafe for you and your family. Thus, get Newmarket Furnace Repair in your home as soon as possible.

  1. Replace Or Clean Your Filter

Your furnace’s filter serves the critical job of delivering warm air throughout the rooms in your house. The filters are usually installed where the return ducts enter your furnace. They get rid of the air particulates before they move into the unit and are heated. Furnace filters also eliminate particulates, such as spores, bacteria, pet dander, pollen, dust mites, and dirt.

Inexpensive filters offer basic protection. They’re made to catch more particulates that flow through your house. On the contrary, more expensive air filters provide improved air quality to help people who suffer from asthma or allergies.

If dirty air filters impede the airflow, the furnace has inadequate airflow and won’t run as efficiently as designed. So, it’s best to change inexpensive air filters within three months. Meanwhile, the more expensive ones can last for three months, too, but would still depend on the quality of your furnace. Consult with a reliable technician for more information or check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Senior caucasian man changing a folded dirty air filter in the HVAC furnace system in basement of home
  1. Unblock Air Vents And Registers

If you have rearranged furniture after using a furnace, you should ensure that there’s nothing blocking radiators, baseboard heaters, and registers. It isn’t uncommon for heavy curtains, toys, or furniture to block air vents.

Your furnace will need to work harder if this happens to balance the air pressure. As a result, this may cause more stress on your unit, leading to higher utility bills, more energy consumption, and an increased risk of repairs. Such problems may also result in furnace replacement and breakdown. So, make sure to dust often and vacuum using brush attachments.

  1. Maintain A Good Humidity Level In Your Home

Many people notice the air in their homes tends to be dry in winter. This case isn’t only drying on throats and skin but could also make you feel colder.

Using humidifiers to increase your humidity level can help transfer the heat well. More humidity is better for wood furniture and floors and may help prevent allergy and asthma attacks.

  1. Ensure Your Blower Motor Is Running Properly

Your furnace’s blower motor runs the fan that provides air movement. The furnace heating element heats your unit’s heat exchanger until it reaches your desired temperature. Then, your blower motor pushes the air via the heat exchanger, warms the air, and distributes it throughout your home. Aside from providing air for the furnace, many blowers also generate air for the air-conditioning unit.

The blower motor has several working parts. These may start to break down when not maintained properly. Hence, have professionals identify the root cause and resolve the issues immediately to keep your Carrier furnace running in good condition.


It’s vital to keep your home comfortable in any season, so your furnace is something you shouldn’t take for granted. The good news is that keeping your Carrier furnace in good shape is easy if you keep the tips mentioned here in mind and ask for help from professional technicians.