8 Reasons To Consider Installing a Smart Garage Door Opener


It seems like everything around the house is getting smart these days. With so much smart home technology, many homeowners have a hard time sorting through the different offerings to find the ones that are really worth having.

One piece of smart home tech that is becoming more popular is the smart garage door opener. Some might think that this isn’t much more than an automatic garage door opener with a new name, but there is more to it than that. These are real smart devices that can connect and communicate with other smart devices to make your home more convenient.

According to the experts at Loves Garage Doors, a company that does garage door repair in Phoenix, Arizona, “Interest in smart garage doors is increasing because it takes the convenience of an automatic garage door opener and takes it to a new level. Along with that, the smart door openers can also be better for security if you use them the right way.”

Control the Door From Your Phone

In addition to being able to use the button on the wall and the wireless remote to open and close the garage door, you can also control a smart garage door opener from your smartphone. This can be a convenient solution if you need more garage door openers or if you lose the wireless button you keep in your car.

Operate Your Garage Door From Anywhere

Since the garage door opener connects to the internet and you can control the door from your phone, it means you can open and close the garage door from anywhere. That means if a friend or family member comes by or needs to drop something off when you are not at home, they can just call you to open the garage door for them.

Enhanced Security

Have you ever left home only to find that you can’t remember if you closed the garage door? You get halfway to work only to have to go home to check on the door to make sure your garage is secure. With a smart garage door opener, you can just check the app. All you have to do is open the app on your phone to see if the door is open or closed. If it is open, you can close it from the app.

Schedule Activity

Do you have someone who always comes to your house at the same time when you are away? Maybe it is a dog walker or it might be a housekeeper. With a smart garage door opener, you can schedule the door to open every day on a schedule and then close behind them when they leave.

Knowing Who is Coming and Going

Depending on the garage door opener and home automation platform, you can assign several phones with privileges to open the garage door. From there the home automation platform can keep records concerning who is coming and going and at what times the door is being opened and closed.

Program the Door to Work With Other Smart Devices

Another nice feature of smart garage door openers is that you can program them to work with other smart devices. As an example, you could program the home automation system to turn on exterior lights when you open the garage door. If you have cameras, you could have a camera start recording when the garage door opens as well.

Get Alerts Concerning Garage Door Activity

One nice feature of smart garage door openers is that they can send you alerts when activity occurs. If the door opens or closes at an odd time, the system can be programmed to send an alert to your phone. Some smart garage openers will even send you an alert if you forget to close the garage door when you leave. You can then use the option to close the door if you need to.

Protect Your Deliveries

Package theft is a common problem now that so many of us do our shopping online. If you combine a smart doorbell and a smart garage door opener, you can use the two together to protect your deliveries.  With the smart doorbell, you can get an alert when the delivery driver comes to the door. With video to see the driver and two-way audio to have a conversation, you can ask the driver to leave the packages in the garage. From there, you can just use the app to open the garage door and then close it when the driver leaves.

Some people might be satisfied with a regular automatic garage door, but smart openers have a lot to offer. Beyond just offering a range of convenience features, the added security can be great for giving homeowners a little extra peace of mind.