Why High Water Pressure Can Be Bad for Your Home


The ideal water pressure for a home should range between 40 and 80 PSI (pounds per square inch). The incoming water pressure should never be over 80 PSI because it can cause appliance malfunctions, erode your pipes over time, and cause many other problems.

At Rooter Hero Plumbing of Mesa, we know how costly high water pressure can be if the problem is not addressed in a timely manner. As a professional plumbing company, we are ready to help you fix water pressure issues in your home. We also provide reliable and cost-effective drain cleaning in Phoenix and sewer repair in Phoenix.

Let’s look at some of the ways high water pressure can be bad for your home and what you can do about it.

1. It Can Damage Your Pipes

Excessively high water pressure can put extra stress on your pipes, leading to worn-out seals and loosened joints. If left untreated for some time, high water pressure cause plumbing leaks that will eventually expand into cracked or burst pipes.

Prolonged extra stress on your pipes means the life expectancy of your pipes is reduced significantly, not to mention the risk of water damage in the event of burst pipes.

2. It Can Shorten the Lifespan of Appliances

High water pressure can wear out appliances such as water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, causing you to replace them more often. Additionally, it can damage plumbing fixtures like toilets, showerheads, and toilets.

3. It Can Increase Your Water Bill

Having high water pressure in your home will increase the cost of water use because you’ll let out more water every time you turn on the tap or flush the toilet.

Signs Your Water Pressure Is Too High

  • Banging or knocking sounds emanating from the pipes.
  • Dripping faucets and showerheads.
  • Leaking pipes due to loosened joints
  • Faucets that leak at certain times of day.
  • Toilets running even when not in use—however, this could happen due to a broken flapper.
  • Water rushes out of your faucets or showerheads at an excessive pressure.
  • Noisy appliances such as washing machine making odd sounds when it fills up or the dishwasher becomes unexpectedly loud.
  • Frequent appliance malfunctions.

What You Can Do About It

One of the most effective ways to address high water pressure in your home is to install a water pressure regulator near where the main water line enters your home. This device brings down the pressure to a safe level before the water reaches your plumbing fixtures.

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High water pressure is something that should be diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible to prevent pipe damage, appliance malfunctions, water damage and inconveniences.

If you think you may have high water pressure, get in touch with Rooter Hero Plumbing of Mesa and have the problem fixed correctly.

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