Importance of Plumbing in Our Life


Plumbing is one of the most important systems in residential and commercial properties, even though many people take it for granted. The fact that we can enjoy a warm shower by simply turning on a shower faucet or flush the toilet and the waste flushes away in a matter of seconds is all thanks to modern plumbing.

At Rooter Hero, we understand why plumbing is essential to our lives. Continue reading to get familiar with the importance of plumbing systems. And know that we are on your side and ready to help you with all of your plumbing needs.

1. Hygiene and Sanitation

Apart from providing a continuous supply of clean water, plumbing helps us to efficiently get rid of wastewater. If plumbing did not exist, our living spaces would be much less sanitary. Thanks to plumbing, we can flush toilet contents into the sewer pipes, eliminate wastewater in an efficient and safe manner, and maintain proper sanitation. Moreover, a functional plumbing system makes it possible to separate clean water from wastewater, thereby helping us to maintain proper hygiene within a property.

2. Plumbing Systems Help to Conserve Water

Water-saving plumbing fixtures such as performance showerheads, high-efficiency toilets, and water-saving faucets dramatically reduce the amount of water used in homes and commercial properties. Water wastage is harmful to the environment and can run up your water bills. But thanks to plumbing innovations such as recirculating hot-water systems and pressure-reducing valves, water waste has become a thing of the past. Water saving is extremely crucial for the environment and for your wallet. For example, plumbing products meeting EPA criteria have saved consumers nearly one trillion gallons of water and more than $15 billion in water bills since 2006.

3. Plumbing Prevents the Spread of Disease

If plumbing did not exist, infectious diseases and digestive illnesses would be the order of the day in our homes. With plumbing systems, water suppliers can control the cleanliness of water; and homeowners can maintain proper hygiene and sanitation. The ability of plumbing to supply clean water and remove waste safely has protected people from diseases throughout history.

4. Improves Our Comfort

Modern plumbing systems not only serve functional purposes, but they also allow us to live a better and comfortable lifestyle. Everything from heating systems to toilets and furnaces make life easier and comfortable. Thanks to plumbing, you can perform household chores with no hassle, enjoy a continuous supply of clean water, get rid of wastewater, and enjoy the comfort of a hot shower. Imagine living in a home without a water heater or spending a day in a property with no toilet and you will realize the indispensable role plumbing in our lives.

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