AJ’s Electrical | Conventional Light Switch vs Dimmer: Which is better?


A decision homeowners often face when renovating a home is where to install a light switch vs. dimmer. Both lighting options will properly light a room, but one option will have several benefits the other option will not. Light switches have been the standard for many decades, while dimmers are the newer option for lighting. In this article we will discuss the benefits of a dimmer vs. light switch and the best option for current homeowners.

Our major Light Switch vs Dimmer factors are:

  • Controlled Lighting
  • Cost Savings
  • Longevity


One of the most obvious advantages of dimmer switches is that homeowners can control the light levels in each room. Adjusting the lighting intensity of each room by turning a knob, moving a slider or a remote is a fun luxury. They are useful for changing the level of atmosphere in a room to suit daily scheduled events or activities. Loose light switch are better replaced with regular light switches, there are many lighting options that you can adapt to any room plan. One factor to consider is the fact that not all light fixtures are compatible with every switch. Making sure your light fixtures are able to adapt to this is important unless you are ready to install new light fixtures along with their switches.


If you’re concerned with the price difference when choosing a dimmer over switch lighting you’ll be surprised to know that they are actually much more cost effective and are energy savers. When using dimmer light switches, homeowners get to control the amount of light being emitted from the light bulbs meaning when you choose to dim your lights, you are actually saving money on your energy bill. Using a lower setting within dimmer lighting can in fact lessen the amount of energy needed to light the room saving from 10-15 percent on their monthly energy bills depending on the settings of your dimmer switch and how many rooms you have.


Most homeowners will not have the dimmer in their home full lighting all the time. This is a way dimmer switches are saving the lifespan of the lightbulb. This will show a reduction in the amount of light bulbs being purchased overtime. On average dimmers can make a lightbulb last up to 6 years instead of 3-4. This can be achieved by lowering the dimmer settings to less than 25 percent full lighting throughout the bulbs lifetime.


Now that you know the advantages using dimmer switches in your home, let’s decipher the best option for your home? Reference below to learn more about four different types of dimmer options you can choose from.

1. Integrated Dimmer Switches

These are often controlled with wireless technology but can be operated both automatically and manually. They are most commonly used with modern homes and smart technology or security integrated within.

2. Touch Screen Dimmer Switches

These options are popular and often installed directly onto the wall of a home for a clean look. Using touch screen technology for dimmer switches can adjust the lighting by simply by touching a screen on the wall.

3. Slide Dimmers

These simple dimmer switches adjust the lighting by sliding a switch back and forth. They are very easy to control the intensity of the lighting in a room.

4. Rotary Dimmers

Lastly, these dimmer switches adjust the lighting by manually turning a dial. The same knob can also be used to turn the lights off/on.

Overall, there are many factors to consider when deciding on lighting options for your home. Whether you decide on a dimmer or switch light, our professionals here at AJ’s Electrical are happy to assist you find that perfect fit.