How To Hire A Domestic Cleaner In London


If you’re looking to hire a housekeeper, there are a number of factors you should consider. These factors include the cost, insurance, and duties of the cleaner. Luckily, there are many ways to get started in the house cleaning business. In addition to using online tools, housekeepers can also benefit from using community websites.


A job as a housekeeper requires a wide range of skills. Cleaning responsibilities include scrubbing, disinfecting, and handling furniture. Housekeepers need to be able to follow instructions and stand for long periods of time. They should also be able to work under changing schedules.

Housekeepers use machines and chemicals to clean surfaces. They also mop, sweep, and dust. The job of the domestic cleaner is also to take out the trash and empty wastebaskets. They may use a vacuum to sweep and mop floors. Housekeepers must be familiar with all aspects of hygiene and cleaning standards, as well as be aware of potential hazards.

Housekeepers are typically employed in residential settings. They may find work through agencies, or they may work directly with homeowners. Housekeepers may clean kitchens and bathrooms, dust furniture, and change sheets and blankets. Some housekeepers also maintain and clean windows and hallways. Some housekeepers may be responsible for taking care of laundry and grocery shopping, too.

Housekeepers usually require a high school diploma or GED. However, some employers require applicants to have an associate’s degree in housekeeping. Getting a degree in housekeeping will prepare you for this profession, and it may be a good career choice for people who are looking to change careers. Housekeepers also get on-the-job training.


The cost of hiring a housekeeper varies according to the size of your house and the amount of detail required. Depending on the service provider and the level of cleaning, the price per square foot can range between $0.10 and $0.30. The price also varies by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home. Moreover, the frequency of cleaning will affect the price.

Professional cleaning companies usually charge between $25 and $45 per hour. These costs will be more expensive if you live in a big city. However, you can negotiate the rate by setting the frequency of cleaning. Depending on the cleaning requirements, you can save money by hiring a cleaner only when you need them.

Hiring a cleaner will reduce the time spent doing household tasks. It also means you can focus on other priorities. You can also save money by buying your own cleaning supplies and cleaning products to save on cleaning supplies. Housekeepers can also offer a la carte services, which mean you can choose which services you need done.

Professional cleaning companies are bonded and insured, which covers accidents that may happen on the job. Unlike individuals, they also have more experience and can clean your house thoroughly in less time. Professional cleaners will usually be more expensive than smaller, locally owned cleaning companies. However, their prices will be less than those of large national companies.


Housekeeper insurance is essential for the safety and security of your business. In the course of your daily operations, you’ll drive to and enter client homes, use tools and chemicals on their property, and may even work on them in the presence of the client. All of these actions can create a liability risk for your company. A single mistake could mean a lawsuit or a large financial loss.

The first step in securing the right insurance policy for your cleaning business is to consider what types of coverage are necessary. It’s important to consider the deductibles and coverage levels you need, and choose policies that balance cost with coverage. For example, according to this blog, high deductible policies will reduce the premiums you pay, but they may cause you financial stress throughout the claims process.

Lower deductible policies will reduce the amount you have to pay out in claims, which is an important consideration for any small house cleaning business. General liability insurance is another essential aspect of insurance for housekeepers.

This policy covers a variety of liabilities, including third-party injuries and property damage. It also covers legal defense costs in liability lawsuits. Most cleaning businesses need this kind of coverage, because they typically work in a client’s home or business. If they accidentally spill bleach or damage a client’s property, the insurance company will cover the expenses.


Many homeowners are unsure whether they should do any pre-cleaning before hiring a house cleaning service. However, doing some pre-cleaning beforehand can help your house cleaning company do their job better. You can do this by following a few simple tips. First, make sure that your house is free of any clutter.

Next, let your housekeeper know what you are planning to clean so they can plan their work. Most cleaning service providers call this pre-cleaning process “priorities.” Be sure to list your priorities and provide specific instructions to the cleaner. For example, if you are paying by the hour, make sure to tell your housekeeper about the number of hours you’ve allotted for the cleaning.

This way, they can check their priorities against the amount of time they have allotted. It is also important to de-clutter your home to make it easier for your housekeeper to work. Make sure you mark clean towels and linens. If you have pets, place them in a safe place. This will help them focus on other areas of the house. Once they’re done, you can leave your home clean and tidy!

Communication with cleaners

One of the most important aspects of hiring a house cleaning service is communicating with them. Before you let them into your home, communicate your expectations and discuss your requirements. You should also communicate about the cleaning products that you want used and any allergies that you have. This will help you to determine the quality of their work and gauge whether they are trustworthy.

Communication is also important for dealing with unexpected issues that may arise. For example, waiting around for the cleaners to show up in the middle of a meeting can be a stressful situation. Good communication will also help you resolve any issues more quickly, such as a miscommunication in the contract or a missed cleaning appointment.

When you meet a potential housekeeper for the first time, ask as many questions as you can about the services they offer and the products they use. It’s important to express your expectations up front, and keep in mind that housekeepers have limited time and need to communicate with you effectively. Be respectful of their time and don’t make the task any easier than it needs to be.