Top Five Common Things Plumbers Find in Clogs

Water draining at sink background. Water flowing drain in washbasin

Plumbing issues cause a lot of conveniences and disrupt your daily life. Whenever you notice any clogging problem, you can hire an experienced plumber to prevent further deterioration, restore normalcy, and minimize repair or replacement costs. One of the most common plumbing issues is clogging, which most households will experience at some point during home ownership. While plumbing issues are common and unavoidable, you can take steps to minimize their occurrence, such as utilizing drain cleaning products to prevent clogging.

Discover the top five things that plumbers find in clogs. Once you know the common culprits, you will understand how your effort can save you from all the mess and inconvenience. However, find the help from reliable plumbers whenever you have a clogged drain.

1. Food Particles

Your food waste can cause clogging in your drain. Many plumbers believe that food waste is the primary culprit behind most clogging in kitchen pipes and drains. You can prevent it for a long time with proper food waste management, where you should practice throwing the leftovers in a compost bin or garbage disposal, but avoid some foods since they can cause blockage in the garbage disposal. Many have the perception that they can throw food, such as eggshells, in the garbage disposal, but these membrane layers can cause wrapping around the shredder ring and damage the garbage disposal.

The same applies to coffee grounds and tea leaves. Fruit peels can lead to a similar condition. Hence, know what to put in your garbage disposal and what to avoid, and set up a compost bin. You can throw all the food waste that will not go in the garbage disposal and use it for gardening.

2. Papers

Unbeknownst to many homeowners, aper products will lead to draining clogs that can be difficult to repair. You might experience this problem when you use more paper products. Paper products, including toilet paper, wipes, cotton swabs, feminine products, diapers, and cosmetic towelettes, can cause clogging in your drain pipe. Some paper products will grow up to ten times after moisture contact. For example, feminine hygiene products will swell in size from moisture and eventually cause blockage.

In addition, toilet paper will not dissolve in water, and wipes and diapers will experience the same and cause clogging. That’s why many plumbers find paper products in blocked drains. You can prevent such a possibility by throwing your paper products in the trash instead of water. This simple step can save you from the headache of repair and expenses.

3. Oils & Fats

Some cannot even realize that oils, grease, and fat can also block drains. Many plumbers experience difficulties when these liquids cause blocking. They need some specific solution to remove these deposits and restore normalcy. Since these are liquid, we believe that they will not cause clogging. However, they will solidify in the drain and cause serious clogging issues.

Many use hot water to address this issue, but you will get a temporary solution with hot water. Hence, hire a reliable plumber and take preventive steps to prevent a recurrence.

4. Dental Floss & Soap

Dental Floss and soap are also two common causes of drain clogging. Plumbers find dental floss, hair, and other stringy materials during drain cleaning. These materials are more harmful since they can combine and attach to the train leaving less area to pass the water. Therefore, you experience clogging issues. You can prevent this condition by installing a hair strainer guard.

The soap buildups can also lead to a similar problem. The soap residue or scum will accumulate over time in sinks, laundry fixtures, and showers, and you will have clogging issues. You can consider pressure cleaning to address this condition. When pressure cleaning is ineffective, take the help of plumbers.

5. Toys

Plumbers also find toys during drain cleaning. Small toys are one of the leading causes of clogged drains. The small toys of your little one can find their way into the drain during play. They will cause clogging, and you will need professionals to restore the functionality. You can avoid this situation by using guards on the drain opening.


Take adequate measures to prevent clogging and hire professionals when you have clogging issues. You might aggravate the condition if you do it without the right tools and experience, making professional assistance even more important.