The Best Security Cameras for Outdoor Surveillance

Security camera, city lights background.

The best outdoor security cameras for surveillance come with intuitive features that are beneficial when protecting your house or business. Outdoor cameras are the first defence against thieves, burglars, and intruders.

However, it is challenging to choose the best outdoor security cameras because there are lots of models and brands on the market. To buy the best surveillance cameras and for easy security camera installation, you have to look for the features that they provide. This post helps you make an informed decision by highlighting the important features that surveillance cameras should come with.

Features that the best security cameras for outdoor surveillance should have

Technology has come a long way, and they have improved every appliance that people use. Security cameras for outdoor surveillance are not an exception, as these cameras come with features that make them more effective and convenient. If you are looking for security camera installation for your home or business, the following features make for the best security cameras for outdoor surveillance.

1. Ability to see the video feed remotely

Remote viewing capability is one of the most important features of the best surveillance cameras. It is an important feature that allows you to keep track of or access your cameras in real-time.

All you need is an internet connection. You can use various devices when it comes to remote viewing the video feed from the surveillance cameras. The devices might include laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

2. High-definition video capture and a two-way audio

Gone are the days when you had grainy footage that outdoor surveillance cameras delivered. The best outdoor cameras come with a minimum of 720p resolution with a possible upgrade to up to 1080p. As such, you get clear footage and can know what’s going on in the areas covered by the cameras.

Not only has the video quality of these cameras improved, but also the audio features got a hike. The two-way audio system equipped with the best surveillance outdoor cameras includes a microphone and a speaker. That way, it makes two-way audio, and the person monitoring the video feed can interact with the other person who came in front of the camera. It is a great feature that comes in handy in every situation. For example, you can communicate with the people standing at your door before allowing them to enter your home.

3. Motion detection

The best outdoor security cameras allow you to save on video recording space and energy costs because they will record the video only when the device detects motion. This feature is quite useful if you are storing footage on the DVR or if you have limitations on your cloud storage.

The best outdoor cameras include a motion sensor. Hence, if someone enters the field of view, the sensor activates and starts capturing the images. In short, the camera records events only when there is an activity.

4. Low light recording with night vision

Most crimes such as vandalism and even theft, are staged at night. Although there are surveillance cameras that can capture images at night, they are not much effective compared to the best outdoor security cameras

Modern-day cameras come equipped with low-light and improved night vision technologies that capture distinct images, unlike their predecessor. As such, the monitoring becomes effective. Low-light cameras use infrared technology that amplifies the ambient light within their frame and provides a clear image even if the surroundings are dark. When looking for the best outdoor security cameras, having night vision capabilities is a must-have feature.

5. Vandal and weather resistance features

The best outdoor surveillance security camera installation systems come with additional protection to prevent attackers who want to damage the cameras from a distance. They include special housing for the outdoor cameras. Also, these cameras come equipped with protection against extreme conditions such as rain, hot weather, dust, and snow.

6. Wireless communication

The best outdoor surveillance cameras come with wireless technology that limits using wires. As a result, security camera installation becomes a breeze. Wireless cameras provide 24/7 security that connects with the home’s security alarm system. On top of that, these cameras use advanced encryption so that no one can interpret the signal and cause significant harm.