How to protect Modern Houses against Burglars

Scared man hiding from burglars behind bookshelves, house robbery scene

Having a guard dog is certainly not the best tool to protect your house anymore. These days, technology has stepped into the security industry, making homes more protected form thieves than ever before. This said, modern houses have their own particularity that also needs looking into, more specifically. Here is how to protect houses from burglars, in 2023.

How to protect the Windows and Glass Doors

Modern houses are covered with aluminium windows and glass door systems. Our inside world is now looking outside, thanks to large bay windows and concrete walls that have been replaced by aluminium folding glass doors. And although the glass that is used for such high-quality elements is made stronger than ever, it still needs to be protected against potential burglars trying to get into your house while you are away, or from a heavier projectile which could cause a crack on one of the glass panes. That is when anti-burglary blinds come into play. These roller shutter systems will protect any window or aluminium glass doors against any intruder wanting to invade the privacy of your sanctuary.

How to protect the Grounds

The first thing you need, to keep the privacy of a modern home, is to have some kind of thick barrier keeping the house away from view, from whoever passes by. It can be in the form of a concrete wall, any other fence that can do the trick, or through a hedge of shrubs sufficiently high to keep spying eyes away. Otherwise, all those aluminium windows and doors around the house will enable anyone to look into your private world.

The second protection that you have to install are video cameras. They should be easily viewed by anyone walking by, in front of the fence, so that it serves as a deterrent to anyone thinking that they would like to visit you inappropriately. However, it also needs to be away from someone’s reach, so that it is hard to disarm.

How to protect the House

Today’s protection tools are so advanced that they really make it hard for anyone wanting to steal objects inside your home, to even penetrate inside. Doors are reinforced so that it would take more than a few minutes to break down, while locks are multiplied to complicate the tasks of opening them for burglars. The same is true about windows, which have been reinforced for more protection. And even if they break, it will still be hard for anyone to go through them as they will stay in place, thorned into thousand small pieces.

If they do break through one of the softer points of the house, the alarm system are so sophisticated today, that you have probably already watched the whole scene on your smartphone, and you have sent the police to your house, in order to arrest the culprits, objects in hands.

Modern houses have the advantage of benefiting from modern technologies, to protect them from anyone trying to steal inside. That is, as long as you make sure to install everything on yours.