Signs You Need to Have Your Drains Cleaned ASAP


The drains in your house act as the blood veins in your body. Many types of drains are connected to each other. So, if one drain is clogged, the entire drainage system may stop functioning.

Usually, people apply some DIY drain cleaning ideas to clean their drains. But sometimes, you may face a problematic drain-clogging situation. In that case, you may have to call a professional. You may contact a licensed plumber, and you can typically find one at any HVAC or furnace repair Calgary company, as an HVAC company may also help you and are qualified to clean your drains. But before calling a plumber, you should know when to clean your drains.

7 Signs You Need To Have Your Drains Cleaned ASAP

1) Standing Water

When the appliances in your house show standing water, it’s not a good sign. Your washing machine, sink, or bathtub should not have standing water. Standing water means the water is not going anywhere, and your drains are completely clogged. Take your time and try to clean your clogged drains as soon as possible.

2) Slow Drainage of Water

A new drainage system always drains water quickly. But as time passes. You notice that the drainage system has become slow. Slow drainage is a sign that your drains are clogged, as sometimes pieces of food or bones can also block the drains. In that case, you should clean your drains to keep the drainage system running.

3) Uncommon Odors

Wastewater carries pieces of food, and your toilet also carries human waste. If your house’s drainage system is not working, this waste can accumulate. Naturally, bacteria will build up, and you will smell unpleasant smells. In the summer months, this smell can spread. Therefore, if any uncommon odour emerges and is impossible to ignore, you should inspect your drains immediately.

4) Frequently Clogged Drains

If you are cleaning your drain pipes every week and this clogging is still coming back, your house’s drainage system may have a severe issue. Your sinks, shower, and toilet drains may have debris inside them. So, all your DIY drain cleaning ideas are failing. Frequently clogged drains indicate that you need an expert’s hand to clean your drains.

5) Strange and Unusual Noises

A healthy drainage system won’t generate any strange sounds. But if your drains are clogged, then you may hear some unusual sounds. Clogged drains force water to pass through narrow passages. As a result, your drains may create gurgling sounds. So, strange gurgling sounds are a good sign that you need to clean your drains asap.

6) Toilet Is Overflowing

An overflowing toilet in your house could be an annoying incident. Messy and muddy water may back up, and you may have to clean your bathroom again and again. Usually, a clear sewage system won’t overflow your toilet. But once your sewage lines are clogged, you may experience a toilet overflow. In that case, you should clean your sewage drains to restore the normal functioning of your toilet.

7) Several Drains Are Clogged

When multiple drains in your house are clogged, your drainage system may be completely down. There may need to be more than just clogging one drain to have your healthy drainage system back on track. That’s why you must contact professional plumbers to unclog your drains.

Why Should You Contact Professional Plumbers?

1) To Save Time

Professional plumbers know how to unclog drains. That’s why they won’t waste your time, and your drains will be working quickly. On the other hand, you may need to gain experience. So, you will inspect and understand, and inevitably you will try your own methods. As a result, you may waste your valuable time to unclog your drains. To avoid this, call professionals who have the skills and background to immediately figure out a solution to your clogged drains.

2) To Clean Your Drains Perfectly

Professional plumbers have tools and chemicals to unclog your drains. They will eradicate the problem from the root. Naturally, you may not have to face any ‘clogged drain’ situation shortly.

3) To Avoid Accidents

If you need to learn how to clean drains, then you may meet accidents. But professionals can clean your drains quickly, and you won’t have to suffer any injuries. So, it would be wise to call the professionals.

Many companies can clean your drains with the utmost professional assistance. Some HVAC companies or furnace repair companies may also provide plumbing services. So, search for HVAC and furnace repair in Calgary, and you may find a professional plumber near your property.