Potted Plants That You Can Consider For Pool Landscaping


If you want your pool landscaping to be successful, then you’ll need to find plants that are good for the microclimate of your fibreglass pool. The plants should also be simple to maintain and should be aesthetically pleasing as well. This is why before you add any plants to your fibreglass pool area, you’ll need to do your research on what kinds of plants will flourish in the microclimate of your pool.

One way to make this process easier is by using potted plants. A large part of Australia has either an arid or a semi-arid climate. In this kind of climate, it’s easier to take care of potted plants. When you get potted plants, you also don’t have to worry about their roots affecting the structural integrity of your pool or your pool deck.

Why Get Potted Plants?

It’s easier to take care of potted plants compared to the plants you place in the ground next to your fibreglass pool. The main reason behind this is that you’re better able to handle the microclimate the plant finds itself in. You’ll be able to add nutrients to the soil in the pot, add water, and can even have different kinds of soil for different kinds of plants.

When it comes to potted plants, you can enjoy getting everything from flowering plants to shrubs, cacti, and more. You also don’t have to worry about your plants getting splashed with chlorine from the water in the pool if you keep them at a distance from the pool. Add hardier potted plants close to your pool, so that even if chlorine is splashed on it – there’s no issue. Here are some potted plants that you can add to your backyard.

1. Birds Of Paradise

Do you want to add a tropical touch to your backyard? If you are, then birds of paradise can be perfect for you. These tend to look similar to the banana plant. They grow upright and their leaves can be as long as two feet. This plant needs to be placed in an area where it doesn’t need to contend with strong winds. If there are strong winds, then it could affect the leaves of this plant.

It’s also easy to grow this plant indoors. So during the winter months, you can just move your potted birds of paradise indoors. Then, when the summer rolls around, move them outdoors again. Birds of paradise are perfect for landscaping plants, as they don’t shed. In moderation, if the plant is splashed with chlorine water from the pool, it won’t be affected.

You can find birds of paradise flowering in white, blue and orange. The soil needs to be rich, and the potting mix needs to be well-drained.

2. Egyptian Papyrus

How about adding a unique potted plant to your pool landscape? These tropical and lush plants thrive on water. Usually, they can be found in either bogs or shallow ponds. However, when you’re potting it – you can place it in a soil of clay, that’s also been amended. This clay helps the soil to stay damp, which in turn helps the plant to thrive.

The Egyptian papyrus will need to be exposed to the sun fully. The soil should be rich in nutrients as well as wet.

3. Zebra Grass

Zebra grass is a kind of ornamental grass, that you can grow in pots. These are easy to maintain and they aren’t messy either. Zebra grass will grow fast and ends up blending in well with other plants that you might add to your backyard landscape.

Zebra grass is sometimes referred to as porcupine grass as well. It has stripes that are horizontally placed, and has a tropical look and feel that’s perfect for a pool landscape inspired by the tropics. Zebra grass is available in some colour varieties, which include blue, white and orange. It needs to have soil that is chalky, loamy and with clay and sand.

4. Angel’s Trumpet

Another name for this plant is Brugmansia. The Angel’s Trumpet is known for having a scent that’s out of this world. This is why a lot of people choose to add it to their backyard pool landscape. You can have this plant in the form of a shrub, or a tree. Since you’ll be getting a potted plant, getting the shrub variety would be better for you.

During the winter, you can bring your Angel’s Trumpet indoors. Allow the plant to go dormant over the winter season. Should you store your plant in a place that’s dark and free of frost, then they’ll be able to survive through the winter. Come next spring, you can take them out again and they will regrow. The Angel’s Trumpet is available in different colour varieties, including pink, yellow, peach, white and orange. The soil needs to be acidic. Note that this plant is toxic and ingesting any part of it can be dangerous for people as well as animals. If you have kids or pets, ensure the plant is placed well out of their reach.

5. Kangaroo Paw

The Kangaroo Paw also has hybrid varieties that you can choose from. These plants are graceful and slim. It’s their flowers that have the greatest appeal. These are perennial plants that are available in various colours, such as orange and yellow or white and pink. It needs to have sandy soil and requires full exposure to the sun.

6. Proteas

These are orange in colour and tend to be prickly to the touch. They are also very hardy and live for a long time. Even if the soil is rocky or poor in nutrients, this plant will thrive there. You should also add fertiliser this plant.


These were just some of the plants that you can consider adding to your pool area. These plants do well in pots, and during the winter, you can shift most of the pots inside your home. These plants are easy to take care of as well and are hardy. With just a little care, you can build a lush paradise right in your backyard.