22 Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas with Natural and Masculine Look


roohome.com – The industrial look is indeed different from other designs. This one design tends to be cold by relying on dark colors and metal materials. Even so, you can still feel a little warm nuance from the wood material and brown color. The use of natural materials can certainly bring a comfortable natural feel into the room. And applying industrial design to the kitchen is the right choice. This design will make your kitchen look different. Especially if there are thick industrial-style accents such as concrete, exposed pipes, industrial pendant lights, and so on. So, for those of you who are interested in applying industrial design to your kitchen, here we have provided 22 Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas with a Natural and Masculine Look that can be your reference. So, let’s check it out!

1. Bright Masculine Industrial Kitchen Design

industrial kitchen design
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Even though the black color is characteristic of industrial design, you can make the look of your industrial kitchen bright. Choose a white kitchen cabinet for your room. Also, make natural lighting the main light. To make the kitchen look bright, of course, you have to maximize natural lighting in the room.

The large picture window is the most appropriate type of window for industrial kitchen design. It can make the look more simple and also show the view clearer. You can also install a glass door for the kitchen that leads to a garden, backyard, or balcony. That way, more natural light can enter and make the kitchen look bright.

2. Dark but Rich in Natural Feel

dark industrial kitchen design
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What distinguishes industrial design from other designs is that industrial design can appear attractive with a dark appearance. As in this one idea where black is the main color for the kitchen. Several items made of metal and metal are also used which give a cold effect to the feel of the room. Even so, you can still feel the heat from the wood material used for the countertop and floating shelves. And also, thanks to the lighting from the sun, the black kitchen nuances feel so natural, soothing, and bright.

3. Rough Wooden Cabinet

kitchen cabinet
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Take advantage of the existing materials in the room to give a different effect both for appearance and atmosphere. As in this one idea that chooses wood material to bring you nostalgia. The wood material is deliberately left to have a rougher texture and more natural color because it is not polished. Thus, the presence of wood material makes the kitchen look old and worn out. This brings a thicker natural feel to the kitchen. Moreover, the kitchen is also illuminated with maximum natural lighting. We can see it from the use of glass doors, large windows, and also skylights.

4. Minimalist Industrial Kitchen Design

minimalist industrial kitchen design
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An industrial kitchen with a minimalist concept is no less interesting. In fact, the minimalist concept gives a neat and clean impression so that the kitchen will feel more comfortable.

Even though it’s minimalist, you can still maintain some kitchen tools or items with an attractive design to make the kitchen look pretty. Instead of using floating cabinets, you can install floating wall shelves. There, you can show these aesthetic items.

This one idea also utilizes the kitchen as a workspace area. There is a floating table which is a place to work. Complete the workspace area with two black stools.

5. Metal Open Rack as Storage

industrial rack
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Take advantage of kitchen items and tools in making the appearance attractive and aesthetic. Here, you can remove the use of kitchen cabinets and replace them with open racks. Choose racks made of iron and wood to display a thick industrial side to the kitchen.

Put all your stuff on the racks. However, pay attention to the comfort of the kitchen. Here, you have to arrange each item neatly. You can also organize the kitchen stuff according to its function. This will make it easier for you to pick up the things you need while cooking.

6. Concrete Wall to Emphasize The Industrial Look

concrete wall
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There are many characteristics of industrial design that you can apply to the kitchen in your home. In this one idea, use concrete walls for the side walls in the middle area up to the ceiling. The natural gray color on the concrete wall gives a natural side to the kitchen. Not only that, but it also looks great when exposed to natural light coming through the large windows in the kitchen.

The application of concrete for the wall gives the impression of a solid room. That way, you can make it look sharper and more masculine by adding black accents.

7. Gray Exposed Brick Wall for Dark Kitchen Nuances

gray exposed brick wall
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If you want to present a more natural look and nuances in the industrial kitchen but do not want to reduce or even eliminate the cold and masculine side of the room, then you can choose gray bricks. You can install the bricks for the wall. Or, we can call it an exposed brick wall.

The texture and color of the exposed brick wall are enough to decorate the kitchen. That way, you no longer need to worry about what decorations can add to the beauty of your kitchen. Here, you can focus on other corners of the room, such as using a black rack or making a black kitchen cabinet with a dove surface.

8. Sleek and Masculine Industrial Kitchen Design

masculine industrial kitchen design
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The jet black color for the kitchen cabinet and kitchen island makes the kitchen look so masculine. With a minimalist concept, it looks simpler, cleaner, and also neat. There is no special decoration in the room. Even so, the room looks quite attractive with the exposed brick wall. The natural red color and also the texture of the bricks are enough to decorate the kitchen. However, you can also provide additional decorations by playing in the area above the kitchen cabinet. You can install the black floating shelves and put the bottles and jars with an aesthetic design.

Large windows without any decorations allow direct sunlight to enter and illuminate the room very well. Therefore, even though it is dominated by jet black and gray, this industrial kitchen does not feel cramped and stuffy at all.

9. Small Industrial Kitchen Design

small industrial kitchen design
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Industrial design is synonymous with black. Therefore, some people often avoid this design in small rooms because they think it can make the kitchen feel narrower. However, if you decorate it properly, this small kitchen will be awesome.

Make black dominant in this room by choosing a black kitchen cabinet. To make it feel spacious, you can keep it minimalist and also illuminate the room with natural lighting. Also, use light wood as an accent to make the small industrial kitchen look bright.

10. Black Nuances Industrial Kitchen

black industrial kitchen design
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The darker it looks, the more masculine the room will look. You can apply this concept to the industrial kitchen. Apply black predominantly and consistently. Do it starting from the kitchen cabinet, kitchen island, and backsplash. And, to get rid of the stiff impression of using one color, you can present wood materials. You can choose light wood to give it a bit of a bright look. Also, make the room more natural and bright by utilizing sunlight as the main lighting.

To make the industrial kitchen feel alive, you can enliven the ceiling area with industrial lighting. Leave the wires exposed there to accentuate the look of the room.

11. Showing The Kitchen Stuff on The Shelves

industrial shelves
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The floating kitchen cabinet is a mainstay item as a storage area. That way, the kitchen will appear neater and cleaner. But, a floating kitchen cabinet is not a mandatory item that must be in the kitchen. You can replace it with another storage area for a more attractive appearance. As in this one idea that uses wall shelves. This area is also used as a spot to beautify the appearance of the kitchen.

You can decorate the shelves with several displays such as pictures, bottles, jars, and so on. Make these items look stand out by installing LED lighting. Choose bright but subdued yellow lighting. That way, it will match the interior, and make the industrial kitchen look charming.

12. Black Metal Partition Between Kitchen and TV Room

room partition
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For a small house or narrow room, try to apply the open-plan concept. The loss of walls will make the room feel wider so you will feel more comfortable there. Even though there are no walls as a barrier, you can still separate the room from other barriers that don’t interfere with the comfort of the room. And, using partitions is the right choice.

In this idea, a black partition was chosen to separate the kitchen from the TV room. The black color is very fitting and matches the industrial kitchen. Putting some small plants in the partition can bring freshness which makes the kitchen as well as your TV room feel fresh.

13. Concrete Ceiling with Industrial Pendant Lamps

industrial pendant lamps
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It does not matter if you want to make your industrial kitchen look modern. However, so that the industrial design remains thick and stands out in the kitchen, choose a spot for you to give it a distinctive industrial touch. As in this one idea that applies a concrete wall for the ceiling.

The concrete gives a natural gray color to the kitchen. This color looks so beautiful when exposed to natural lighting that enters through glass doors and windows. You can see an industrial style that is getting thicker with the existence of black industrial pendant lights with the cables left exposed on the ceiling.

14. Concrete, Wood, and Bricks

best industrial kitchen design
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You can feel a very thick natural feel in this industrial kitchen design. This is because this idea uses natural materials in the room. Almost the entire room is filled with natural materials such as wood and bricks. Not only that, but natural light is also the main lighting for this room.

The wood material is applied to the kitchen cabinet and also some of the walls in the kitchen. The color and texture of the wood give warmth as well as serenity. And, on the other side of the wall, you can see an attractive exposed brick wall. The red color makes the room look alive and also eliminates the stiff impression in the kitchen. What makes this kitchen look masculine is the dominant use of concrete, starting from the countertop, kitchen island, built-in shelves, and also the ceiling.

15. Modern Industrial Kitchen Design

modern industrial kitchen design
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This industrial kitchen idea looks so pretty with a modern touch. The dominant use of wood material brings warmth and serenity to the kitchen. With yellow lighting as well as natural lighting, wood colors look more vibrant. Even so, this industrial kitchen still looks sharp and masculine with the application of black to metal and iron materials.

On the left side of the kitchen, we can see the glossy appearance of aluminum on the walls and the cooker hood. And, for the ceiling area, choose a ceiling shelf rack which is a place for storage. It shows the items that enlivened the industrial kitchen.

16. Bright Industrial Kitchen Design

bright kitchen
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Industrial design is identical to dark color combinations. However, if you prefer a bright look, you can also make the kitchen lit. And white is the most appropriate color to choose. This color is a neutral color so it is safe for industrial kitchen design. You can also maximize natural lighting by installing windows to make the kitchen brighter.

Because of the bright appearance, you have to display a thicker industrial side in the room. Try starting by choosing concrete for the floor and kitchen island. Then, use black industrial pendant lamps. Leave cables and pipes exposed freely to walls and ceilings. You can also add plants there to make it look more natural and fresh.

17. Beams on The Ceiling

beams ceiling
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Use natural materials to bring natural nuances into the kitchen. You can install beams in the ceiling area. Leave the beams perfectly exposed up there. The natural brown color of the wood will really look beautiful for a white ceiling.

You can also play with these beams to give an old industrial kitchen impression. Choose beams with a rough texture and a pale color.

18. Large Plant for The Corner Room

plant decor
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There are many decorations that you can use to make the kitchen look attractive. However, instead of choosing decorations that only support the beauty of the room, it would be better to use decorations that can also provide comfort. As in this one idea that uses plants as decoration. The natural green color of the plants blends very well with the neutral colors of the industrial design. In addition, plants also make the kitchen feel fresher.

No need to use plants in large quantities. You only need one plant with a large size. This plant can be used to fill the corner of the room. Areas exposed to sunlight are the most appropriate. That way, plants still get sunlight which helps them to photosynthesize.

19. Fresh Industrial Kitchen Design

fresh industrial kitchen design
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The use of black can indeed give a masculine impression to the appearance of the kitchen. However, the dominant black color can also make this room feel stuffy. Therefore, a special touch is needed to get rid of the stuffy feeling so that the industrial kitchen can look attractive.

Bring out the natural red with bricks. The exposed brick wall is the most appropriate. You can make an exposed brick wall on one side of the kitchen wall. The texture and color of the bricks are actually enough to beautify the kitchen. But, if you feel the wall looks too plain, you can hang one or two paintings or pictures.

You can also take advantage of the garden or backyard in your house. Trees and other plants can provide freshness there. Therefore, install large windows and glass doors. It also allows more sunlight to enter the kitchen.

20. White Plaster on Red Brick Wall

plaster wall
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Bored with the plain exposed brick wall look? If so, then you can try this one idea. You can do the white plaster on your exposed bricks. It will give more texture and also make the industrial kitchen look bright. Especially, if the kitchen is lit with natural lighting. The appearance of the kitchen will change to be brighter and also more natural. Here, you can also feel the warmth that makes you feel comfortable.

21. Glossy Surface Make It Attractive

simple industrial kitchen design
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The lack of decoration in a minimalist industrial kitchen can make it feel empty and boring. Therefore, special touches are needed, such as choosing a kitchen island with a glossy surface. The light coming from the large window will directly hit the kitchen island and create a very beautiful appearance.

You can also choose concrete flooring for the industrial kitchen design. It can also give a glossy look and enliven the kitchen. That way, the kitchen no longer feels and looks boring.

22. Feel Fresh With Plants

fresh industrial kitchen design
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Plants are a decoration that can add value to the beauty and comfort of a room, including the kitchen. If you want to make your industrial kitchen look more natural and fresh, you can choose some small indoor plants. Put it in the visible area such as above the kitchen cabinet or on the floating wall shelves.

Make plants look aesthetically pleasing in the room by choosing aesthetically designed pots. Or, you can also use clear vases or bottles filled with water as containers for plants.

Final Words

Industrial design is indeed different from other designs. This one design shows more of the dark, cool, and masculine side. This is a characteristic that makes industrial design look more attractive. And, applying it to the kitchen is a very appropriate choice. The points above are 22 Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas with Natural and Masculine Looks that can be your reference.