Is Buying Bar Stools Worth Your Money?


Bar stools are some kinds of tall stools, and they are habitually found with a footrest that supports the feet. As these stools have narrowness and height, they seem to be ideal for being used at high tables in bars or pubs. Most often, bar stools are created from metal or wood, and they are found with armrests and without them too. You will also come across a bar stool with backrest. A bar stool does range from some wooden designs to highly complex ones that have adjustable heights.

Pros of buying barstools with backrests and arms

Bar stools with backrests and arms offer many benefits:

  • Best support

Most often, people prefer to buy bar stools that have arms and backrests as they propose several benefits.

  • Ergonomic designs

Bar stools seem comfortable for all kinds of users, and people sit on them when they are required to sit for long hours. You can sit on a bar stool in your kitchen area, too and work on your laptop.

  • Allow people to sit in various positions

When people sit on bar stools having backrests and arms, they can sit in various positions. Hence, they can avert the requirement of sitting upright.

  • Seem like a safe solution

Bar stools having arms and backrests seem safer for children and elderly people too who require more support. The arms and backrests provided on each side make sure that they do not run the chance of falling from the stool.

  • Steps to buying a bar stool

If you have decided to buy a bar stool, you need to consider some aesthetic and practical factors, and they seem to be important for various reasons:

  • Buy bar stools with no back no no backrests

Before you buy bar stools, you need to decide whether you want them without a back or with a back. Backless bar stools give people a sleeker and cleaner appearance, and they also occupy lesser space. When you spend lots of time sitting at one counter, then you must buy a bar stool that has a back. And if you have got children in your household, you must buy a bar stool that has a back as it seems to be an improved option for getting added safety and support. You can buy bar stools here

  • Matching finishes of wood

When people look forward to buying wooden bar stools, they need to consider some other wood finishes present in the kitchen, too, such as hardwood flooring and cabinets. They need to match the finish so that they can get a uniform look. At times, people prefer to choose lighter or darker wood, too, to get a touch of contrast.

  • Height

You will find a lot of differences between counter stools and bar stools. A counter stool fits under 36 inches high counters, whereas bar stools fit under 42 inches high countertops. Hence, before you buy a bar stool, you need to measure the height well so that you can get the ideal bar stool for your purpose. You must also consider the height of the bar stool’s arms so that you can easily tuck it under the counter.

  • The cushion of the seat

Based on the amount of time you devote to sitting on a bar stool, you can consider having a bar stool that has a padded or cushion seat.

  • Material

People come across bar stools that are created from various materials that, include metal, steel, wood, faux leather, plastic, etc. When they buy tougher materials like metal or wood, they tend to be more durable though less comfortable in comparison to a bar stool that has a soft fabric seat. If you are utilizing your bar stools outside, you must opt for a weather-resistant model like a rattan bar stool or plastic bar stool.

  • The shape of the seat

Commonly, bar stools are found with round seats, and they tend to be sufficiently large so that every person can sit on them comfortably. But you will find bar stools to be having oval, square, or rectangular seats.

  • Adjustability

A few bar stools can change heights or swivel. The swivelling capacity of the bar stools permits them to turn so that people can keep on conversing with various people. And height adjustability seems useful when people decide to use their stools under various tables or when their family members are of varying heights.


There are several benefits of a bar stool, and they comprise their portability, versatility, and compact size. People prefer to have many bar stools on their kitchen counters so that they can sit on them and have quick meals, socialize, or munch snacks. Commonly, bar stools are found with a metal or wooden frame, and if you select a stool that has a cushion, you will find it to be upholstered with leather, fabric, or faux leather.