How To Prepare For A Cross-Country Move

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Moving to a different place may sound like an exciting idea, especially since you can finally start fresh, meet new people, and learn to do new things. But before you get on with the move out process, you should ensure a smooth transition to your new home.

As you prepare for your cross-country move, there are plenty of things that you might miss out. Before you ask your friends or relatives to ship your important documents or items to your new location, listed below are the ways how you can fully prepare for your move across the country:

Plan Ahead

Moving is generally expensive, especially if you plan to purchase a new home right away. However, if you’re doing a cross-country move, you’ll most likely rent a place for a few months before purchasing a home. Like most people, you’ll want to explore the neighborhood first before making any major decisions. To keep yourself from spending your money carelessly, you should plan ahead.

Planning ahead doesn’t only mean keeping in mind the things you need to carry along with you but preparing yourself financially. There are plenty of tips you can read online like the one in easy donation pickup website that could help you set your budget and prevent you from getting broke while you move. Moreover, planning ahead will also give you the opportunity to look for the best movers and pack everything you need to bring with you, especially your important documents.

Create A List And A Schedule

Along with planning ahead, you have to create a list and a schedule that you should follow strictly. This will help you stay on track and avoid rushing through packing and preparations just a few days before you leave.

You can begin by creating a list of what you’re planning to bring with you. It could be your favorite clothes, appliances, or anything important to you. Apart from packing your stuff, you should also schedule a day when you can prepare your documents. You could start by prioritizing papers that will take too long to process, giving yourself enough time to get ready for the task of moving out.

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Limit Items To Bring

No matter how much you’d love to bring your mattress with you as it gives you the best sleep of your life, you might want to consider giving it away or leaving it behind. After all, the costs of shipping your old mattress could well exceed the price of a new one. When moving to a different place, less is more. The fewer things you could bring with you, the better it would be for your arrangement and shipping rates.

When packing for things you’ll need to bring, start with the small stuff and work your way up to filling your boxes with clothing items that can be worn in all seasons. Throwing in two pairs of shoes would be helpful, along with a small bag that you can take with you as you shop for new items. For the stuff you’re going to leave behind, you can choose to hold a garage sale or bring them for donation. This’ll enable you to earn a few bucks or help someone in need.

Prepare Your Old Home

As much as you want to settle into your new home right away, you shouldn’t forget to get your old house ready for renting, selling, or handing over to the landlord. You can treat it as a standard moveout process wherein you’ll need to repaint faded walls and cover the holes caused by drilling.

When preparing your old home, you should fix broken fixtures such as lights, door handles, electrical wirings, and plumbing. This will prevent you from having any disputes about getting your full security deposit from the landlord. Alternatively, this would also be a great time to prepare your home if you’re planning to sell it through a real estate agent even when you’re away.

Handle Subscriptions

Before moving across the country, you shouldn’t forget to cancel all your subscriptions as you might no longer need them. These include magazine, food, newspaper, clothing subscriptions, among others. Unless a company offers an option of relocating you to another area, you should contact them as soon as possible to get your account cancellation settled.

Apart from physical services, you should also cancel your utility subscriptions such as internet, gas, electricity, water, and cable. However, ensure that you schedule them on the last day of your stay in the house so you wouldn’t have to worry about being without water and electricity. But as for your digital subscriptions, such as streaming services or other similar types, you might be able to bring them with you as you leave your current location.

The Verdict

Preparing for a cross-country move isn’t as easy as it looks. When you prepare early, you can prevent yourself from rushing, allowing for a smooth moveout and move-in experience. As you arrive at your new destination, ensure that you explore your neighborhood well and try to get to know your neighbors so you can get settled quickly and easily.