Home Improvement: The Difference Between Renovating and Remodeling


Have you ever heard of the saying that Rome was not built in a single day? Well, the same thing applies to your home. The truth is that very few tasks in your home can compare to the stress, energy, resources, and time of renovating or remodeling a home.

Oh, wait! Is it renovating or remodeling? Well, chances are very high that most homeowners use these two terms interchangeably. Even though this might not be a big deal, it shows the experience homeowners have when it comes to the maintenance of their homes.

It might not matter the term you use when talking about making changes to your house because the experts you are talking to probably know what you want. However, have you ever asked yourself about the right term to use?

Renovating Vs Remodeling

As discussed above, most people use these two terms interchangeably especially when it comes to interior design, contracting, or even general real estate projects. However, these are two different terms for experts in these industries.

For them, renovating a house means repairing or restoring a house to the state it was in before something happened, damaging the house. On the other hand, remodeling a house refers to creating a new house or part of the house to replace what was originally there.

What Costs More Between Renovating and Remodeling a House

It all starts with a dream. You dream of owning a beautiful house at some point in your life. When that time comes, you start by searching for the available houses in your preferred location, apply for a mortgage loan, and follow all due processes before moving in.

A few years down the line, you want to change something or make it better in your house. This time, you start looking for contractors or interior designers to help you with the process. So, do you renovate or remodel, and which of the two costs more?

Looking at the definitions above, it is very clear that remodeling a house would cost more than renovating one. This is because remodeling will involve more work. Things like complex designing, numerous constructions, and plumping and electric expenses are synonymous with remodeling a house.

On the other hand, renovating a house involves far much less work. You are not creating something new when renovating. Rather, you are restoring your house to the state it was in before. For instance, you might have broken doors and windows. When fixing them, you are not remodeling but renovating them.

Remodeling your doors and windows might involve moving them from where they were to a different location or even changing their designs. As you can see, this would involve more work and, therefore, be more expensive.

Either kind of project likely requires you to redecorate or update the furnishings. The opportunities to save money when you shop can come from the least you expect, like dropping off Amazon returns at Kohl’s. Every eligible return can earn you a discount, which is definitely handy when shopping for new home decor.

Renovation Example

So, what can be a good example of renovating your home? Let us say you want to decorate your bedroom to make it more attractive. Custom renovation allows you to do exactly that and add personalization to that room.

You might also renovate your kitchen to make it match your lifestyle requirements. This gives it a homely and comfortable ambiance. You can also repaint a room in different colors to make them attractive or even replace old doors. These are all examples of renovations.

Don’t forget outdoor living spaces like patios and decks in your renovations. Make sure the floorboards and railings are still sturdy. Check the deck screws and fasteners and add a few decking plugs to seal the whole look together.

Remodeling Example

Remodeling is very different from renovating. Let us assume you have a closed kitchen adjacent to your living room. But now, you want to combine both to create an open kitchen layout. Renovation cannot do this, you will have to remodel your home to achieve it.

In a nutshell, if what you want to do requires you to drastically change the space or look of your home, then you will be remodeling.

In conclusion, always make sure that you understand what you want to do with your home before you start the project. This can go a long way in helping you choose the right contractors and remain within budget.