5 Enticing Nursery Design, Find Out Your Baby Nursery Ideas!

Nursery design by Becki Owens
© Becki Owens

Roohome.com – Having little baby makes you know about baby nursery ideas with a shade of pastel inside of it. The design will give you the inspiration to create a cozy nursery for spending time only with your beloved baby. By using the shade of pastel, a nursery is able to gain a cozy atmosphere to make baby sleep well and have a sweet dream every night. Are you ready to take a look these 5 enticing nursery design? Here we go!

Nursery design with shade of pastel by Sharon Mantrose

A wooden square crib is the main point in this room. Two separate windows are functioned to emit the sunlight directly into the room. That is why shade of pastel for a whole room can be spotted. Do not forget to take a look the arrangement of some ornaments around this room. The designer does not put many ornaments, she just focuses on the drawer, crib, and rug. Therefore the room looks clean and stylish. This baby nursery bedding is so awesome, right?

Enticing design for nursery
© Sharon Mantrose

Nursery design with shade of pink pastel by Becki Owens

If you have a little daughter, pink is the main color for creating color for room indeed. Like this concept below, a feminine appearance can be seen by you. Becki Owens uses the soft and neutral palette. The Pink color itself only used for curtain and a small pillow on the crib. Yet, it is suitable with a white armchair beside the crib. Well, this is one of 5 baby nursery ideas with the shade of pastel which inspires you to create your own nursery.

Nursery design with shade of pastel
© Becki Owens

Nursery design with natural pattern by Allie Lindsay

If you like something natural, you can see from this design by Allie Lindsay. The designer knows how to make the room more comfortable in taking care of your baby. You can start from the wall, Allie Lindsay selects green as a natural pattern while combining with a white crib so makes it suitable. Do you like this design?

Nursery design with natural pattern
© Allie Lindsay

Nursery design with shade of naturally by Sarah Sherman Samuel

Having a little baby makes you more creative in designer his or her room indeed. It will be better if you do not only focus on the concept at all, but also the design that creates imagination as well. That is why the designer provides you a unique furniture to decorate the room.

Enticing nursery design
© Sarah Sherman Samuel

Nursery design with shade of soft pastel by Mandy Reeves

This is the last design of nursery design but give you the inspiration to create your own nursery. In this design, the designer uses a brilliant shade of soft pastel for a whole wall. Do not forget to put a unique portrait to decorate the wall itself. A tender crib is also chosen by Mandy Reeves to make your baby produces a nice dream.

Nursery design
© Mandy Reeves

In designing your own nursery for baby, you can choose one of these 5 enticing nursery design with the shade of pastel above. Now, you will not be confused to create a cozy nursery because the shade of pastel is the best way to make it happens. If you want to see other design, just visit and check here.