Modern Home Design With Unique Garage As Focus

Backyard pool ideas
© Millimeter Interior Design – Having a comfortable and spacious garage is the dream of every person who has a car. But, have you ever imagine having a garage that is stylish and looks like a famous showroom which displaying their cars that can captivate anyone? Absolutely, It would catch attention from the other person who came to your house.

This modern home design with a unique garage design comes from the creativity of The team at Millimeter Interior Design. They create an awesome space for storing your favorite car. Do you know, that it would be the decoration also? It is the new transformation of the old garage style.

The article is not only talking about unique garage but also the simple and modern home design. The designer uses clear lines and open plan for this interior. All the furniture here comes from the modern style.

Unique garages design
© Millimeter Interior Design

Do you see the transparent garage that beautifies this living room? You can store and show your favorite cars at the same time. It is also very advantageous for you. Because you do not need to bother to wear the other ornaments for this space.

Ferrari garage ideas
© Millimeter Interior Design

Take a look for this brilliant idea! It would attract every sight. This modern home design with the unique garage was completed by the accents and that would create a luxurious and modern feel. It is very far from the stuffy and old-fashioned image.

Small kitchen ideas
© Millimeter Interior Design

Creating a small kitchen is enough for cooking some food. You only need to make it more interesting. The elegant design of the great materials also good for it.

Elevated dining room design
© Millimeter Interior Design
Open dining area for small space
© Millimeter Interior Design

The Japanese table style is a great welcoming guest. You can eat together with the different style without any chair. Making a little space with the flower decoration would be the best barrier.

Gray living room design
© Millimeter Interior Design

Do not forget to use the comfy sofa with the neutral color for welcoming your guest. Designing the unique sofa is the other option to make it more charming. Arranging the lighting that is not too bright, and not too faint.

Minimalist design for creating awesome living space
© Millimeter Interior Design

You can use the black color for your stairway. Making a multifunctional stair design is also great to store your equipment. That can help you to another thing which was more important. Do you agree that wooden floor is friendly to apply at this modern design?

Creative workspace idea
© Millimeter Interior Design

The spirit and work ethic would come from a cozy working space. It is your task to choose the right design that can fit with your style and your job.

Modern master bedroom design
© Millimeter Interior Design

How about the bedroom? You can make it same with the design that you appeared in the first room. Modern is never too difficult in every detail. You only need to use the simple furniture with the natural color. You can create a small balcony there. So, you can see when the sunrise or sunset time.

Modern bathroom ideas
© Millimeter Interior Design

An elegant bedroom that identic with black and white shades is suitable to apply in this bedroom. It would e better if you use the simple pattern tiles there.

how to create awesome pattern tiles in the bathroom
© Millimeter Interior Design

Are you interested in applying this modern home with a unique garage?