These are The Reasons Why You Must Install Skylight Window

74 – Skylights or roof windows are a type of window that can drastically change the appearance of your room. It is just that, some people still do not know about this. Usually, houses only have a few windows installed on the walls. Even though the use of skylight windows can provide better lighting for the room. Lighting from above can spread more widely in the room to dark corners. That way, the room not only looks maximally bright but also feels more spacious.

Types of Skylight Window

If you are starting to be interested in skylight windows and want to install them in your room, first find out the design of the skylight window itself. There are several designs that you might be able to adapt to the function, layout, and concept of the room.

1. Fixed Skylight

fixed skylight
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This type is the most widely used for homes. The fixed skylight looks integrated with the roof because it is installed on the roof line. Some have frames but some do not. Some also have ventilation.

Its more minimalist design makes it suitable for use in rooms with any design. However, one of the disadvantages of fixed skylights is that this type of window cannot be opened.

2. Roof Window

roof window
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The roof window has a rotating mechanism. You can open this window in the morning to let fresh air into your room. Therefore, roof windows are also often called venting skylights. So, its use is not only to bring natural light into the room but also helps to maintain air circulation in the room.

3. Solar Skylight

solar skylight
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The solar skylight is actually similar to a roof window in that the window can be opened and allow air circulation in the room to run well. However, this window looks more modern. There are sensors that can close and open windows automatically, adjusting to weather conditions. This will be very practical to use. Apart from that, solar skylights can also control the amount of light and heat that enters the house.

4. Tubular Skylight

tubular skylight
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The use of indirect tubular skylights allows natural light to enter the room directly. There are still several previous processes because this skylight uses a bubble dome window set on the roofline. The size of tubular skylights is usually not large, aka small. Therefore, this is an option to increase or illuminate a small room.

5. Walkable Skylight

walkable skylight
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It is a fixed window installed on the second floor. That way, light still enters the room below, which is on the first floor, properly. This type of window is suitable for use in rooftop gardens or patios.

The walkable skylight is usually made thicker so that it is sturdier. In fact, you can walk on it safely and do not need to worry about the glass breaking.

The Advantages of Using Skylight Window

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Something is created and created for its own purpose, and skylights are no different. Of course, there are benefits that you can get by installing skylight windows in your home.

1. Can Light Up The Room Maximally

Currently, there is a lot of construction that makes houses close together. So the use of windows is usually limited and reduced to maintain privacy in the house. With this, natural lighting in the room is not optimal. In fact, natural light is an important part that influences the appearance and comfort of a room. Therefore, installing a skylight window is the solution.

The skylight window is installed on the roof, which is the top of the house. So, using this window will not disturb your privacy in the house. Also, because of its location above the house, natural light enters the house very well. Nothing interferes with or covers the way in which light enters. With this, natural lighting in your room can be maximized.

2. Make The Room Feel More Spacious

As has been explained, natural light is an important part of providing comfort to a room, especially a small room. Small spaces often feel cramped and stuffy, and maximizing natural light is the solution. Sunlight entering through the skylight window can spread directly throughout the room. This can illuminate dark corners. Also, because the light comes from above, there are no shadows from objects in the room. This is what makes a small room feel more spacious.

3. The Room Becomes More Lively and Comfortable

The use of skylight windows allows maximum natural light to enter the room. And this is very good for making the colors in the room look more alive. Also, natural light is great for the natural materials in the room. It can make the texture of the natural materials appear more clearly, such as the texture of natural stone for the wall, exposed brick wall, or wooden furniture. With this, the appearance of the room will be much more pleasing to the eye. And, without realizing it, you will feel comfortable when you are in the room.

4. Bring Warmth Into The Room

When winter arrives, focus on what can make the room feel warm. And, relying on sunlight is the solution. Use skylight windows to maximize natural light in the room. This is a traditional or environmental way to warm a room. With this, you no longer need a heater or turn on the fireplace during the day.

5. Save Your Electricity Bills

With natural lighting from the use of skylight windows, you no longer need light from lamps to make the room look bright. Besides that, when winter arrives, you can take advantage of the natural light that comes in through the skylight window to provide warmth to the room. There is no heater or fireplace that is on. And, all of this will certainly save your electricity bill a lot.

6. Air Circulation is Running Well

You can get or feel this benefit by using a skylight window that can be opened. So, when the weather is sunny, try to open the skylight window. That way, fresh air can enter the room to replace dirty air. Or, for something more practical and easier, you can use a solar skylight. With sensors on the windows, the windows can open and close automatically according to weather conditions.

7. Get A Beautiful View

The skylight window is not only a way for natural light to enter the room but also provides a beautiful view outside the house. From the skylight window, you can see beautiful blue clouds when the weather is clear. And, at night, calm yourself by looking at the sparkling stars.

You can also take advantage of the beautiful view seen in the skylight window to add comfort to a spot. You can place your bed right under the skylight window. So, when you wake up and want to sleep, you can see the beautiful view there.

The Disadvantages of Skylight Window

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Before you use a skylight window, also know the disadvantages of it. That way, you can consider using this window for your lovely residence.

1. Overheating

Natural light from skylight windows can provide warmth to the room and expel cold air during winter. However, what about when it is summer? Of course, this will overheat, making the room in your house hotter. Of course, this really disturbs the comfort of the house.

However, there is a solution to overcome this problem. When you buy skylight windows, you can choose a company that offers solar power control and integrity blinds. Or, you can also install automatic window blinds.

2. Overlighting

As previously explained, the natural light entering through the skylight window will be maximized because there is nothing blocking the way for light to enter. This is certainly good for making the room bright. However, the occurrence of overlighting cannot be denied. Excessive light can have a glare effect that is unsightly to the eye.

3. It is Difficult to Clean

It cannot be denied that cleaning skylight windows is very difficult because of their location at the top of the house. And, if you clean it yourself, besides being very troublesome, of course, this can also be dangerous for you. So, we recommend that you buy skylight windows whose suppliers offer self-clearing glass service.

4. Can Cause Leaks

When installing a skylight window, the roof of the house must be hollowed out first. And if this is done by a contractor who lacks experience, there will be leaks in the skylight window area. Therefore, we recommend that you invest in high-quality skylight windows. Apart from that, make sure the contractor you use is skilled enough to install skylight windows.

We never know about weather conditions. It could be raining one minute and hot the next. This is one of the factors that can affect the skylight window. Therefore, make sure you have the best quality skylight window for your home.

5. Cause Damage

Before installing skylights, you need to know first whether your roof is strong enough to install skylights. Consult an expert first. Don’t force something that is impossible. Because, if forced, the roof of your house could be damaged. The point is that you have to invest in a good company.

Using skylight windows can allow maximum natural light to enter the room. And, sunlight can damage the furniture in your room. Therefore, use skylight windows that have been coated with Low-E which can regulate heat and UV entering the room.

6. The Higher Quality, The Higher Price

When you decide to install a skylight window in your house, make sure the budget you have prepared is sufficient. Choose a high-quality skylight window. Because this will affect the building and also your safety. And, the problem is that high-quality skylight windows also come at a high price. However, it is better to spend a large budget at the beginning but afterward, you can save rather than spending a low budget for normal quality but after that many improvements are needed.

Final Words

Skylight windows are a type of window that has recently been in great demand by people. For those of you who are interested in installing the skylight window in your house too, first, find out what type is suitable for you and the building of your house. And, besides just focusing on the benefits you will get from using a skylight window, also know the disadvantages of using it. This will be very helpful in considering your decision to use a skylight window for your house.