Make The Room Feel Alive with Exposed Brick Wall Ideas

1081 –  Brick is a material that is usually used to build a house. Bricks are often used to make the walls of a house. Usually, the brick will be re-coated with cement and then after the wall is dried, the wall is painted. However, this of course requires more time and effort.

If you want something simpler, you can make bricks clearly exposed. No longer need cement to coat bricks or paint to paint walls. The exposed brick walls look more aesthetic and provide attractive value to the room.

An exposed brick wall can also be used as an alternative for those of you who want a home interior with a fresh and soothing impression of nature. And here, we have provided some ideas to Make The Room Feel Alive with Exposed Brick Wall. So, let’s check it out!

Beautiful Rustic Small Bathroom

Even though it is a small place, it does not mean that the bathroom has to be left alone. The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that is most often used. Therefore, making it look attractive and beautiful is an important thing that you should pay attention to.

In making a small bathroom look attractive and comfortable, of course you need to make the bathroom look bright and fresh. Applying exposed brick walls to small bathrooms is the right idea. Select one side of the bathroom wall that you want to apply exposed brick wall. The natural color of the brick red makes the bathroom look striking but beautiful. Plus bright lighting makes the red bricks look alive and makes the bathroom a fresh room.

Beautiful Rustic Bedroom Ideas
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Natural materials, bricks, have already been used. Adding some wooden furniture with a rough texture can make a natural feel present in your small bathroom. The use of some white items also makes a small bathroom look brighter. Small green plants can be placed on a floating wall shelf made of wood so that the bathroom will look fresher. In this way, you can already have a small bathroom that is a Rustic Style that is comfortable and soothing.

Attractive Industrial Bedroom

If we usually only meet the industrial style in a cafe or restaurant, this time the industrial style is one of the styles most sought after by young people to make their bedrooms look attractive.

Exposed brick walls that have become industrial style characteristics make the nuance of the room look mature and cold. In addition, beautiful red bricks are enough to make an industrial-style bedroom look attractive without the need to provide other wall decorations. With this, the bedroom will look simple.

industrial bedroom with exposed brick walls
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The addition of paintings with a black background on the exposed brick wall gives a striking, attractive, and soothing impression to the bedroom. The black color and brick red color make the room look much more attractive and livelier. The use of proper lighting is also one of the factors that influence the beauty of the bedroom. Try directing a little light on the brick wall to make it look bright and lively.

Bright Entrance Room with Exposed Brick Wall

When guests enter the house, we must ensure that guests feel comfortable. It starts when a guest steps past the entrance door. The entrance room becomes the first room seen by guests so we need to make the entrance room look as attractive as possible.

The bright entrance room is an alternative way to make guests feel happy when entering the house. To give a different look, the exposed brick wall is an alternative that you can apply to the entrance room.

beautiful entrance room with white exposed brick wall
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The red color on the brick makes the entrance room look a little darker and more striking. To present a bright and sweet look, you can choose white paint to paint the exposed brick wall. Leave the brick texture clearly displayed by adding a few lights on the wall. Adding a small plant on the side of the wall makes it look much more natural.

Attractive Dining Room with Plaster Brick Wall

Being the right space to gather with family and friends makes the dining room one of the rooms that need to be given an attractive appearance and certainly comfortable.

To make a cold room look natural and feel alive, applying the exposed brick wall is a very appropriate idea. The natural red color will bring the nature nuance that will make the dining become a cozy place.

plaster brick walls for dining room
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For those of you who want to add aesthetic value to a living room with a low budget, you can plaster a part of the brick wall randomly. Then paint the plaster with white to make it look bright. In this way, you can get a simple and bright industrial style in your dining room.

Interesting Tribal Living Room

Bringing tribal style into the living room is able to make the living room look attractive. The natural look in the living room makes the tribal style look thicker. With this, exposed brick walls are the way you can choose to make the living room feel natural and fresh.

tribal living room with exposed brick wall
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Some tribal-style wall decorations that are hung on the exposed brick wall make the wall look so attractive. The black frame color used in the painting makes it stand out so it is very fitting to be placed on a natural red brick wall. The combination of red brick walls and black frames makes one side of the living room look so quirky that the living room feels more alive.