Designed for Adventure: Interior Design That Inspires Exploration


People who thrive on adventure and exploration are always looking forward to the next challenge. They seek out environments that ignite their curiosity and inspire them to push their limits. Unfortunately, we cannot be constantly on expeditions. Still, with thoughtful interior design, we can bring elements of nature into our living spaces to evoke the same sense of wonder and excitement. In this article, we will share some ways to create interior designs that infuse homes with the essence of adventure.

Choose a Theme and Palette

The foundation of adventure-infused interior design begins with choosing a theme that resonates with your exploratory spirit. Whether it is the rugged landscapes of the Colorado mountains, the tranquility of the ocean, the vastness of the desert, or the allure of the forest, select a theme that stirs your soul. This theme will be the guiding principle for your design choices from here on out.

Once you have chosen your theme, you can select your palette. Start with a neutral, earthy color palette as the foundation. Beiges, grays, or browns mimic the serene backdrops of many landscapes. From there, add pops of vibrant colors inspired by the elements within your chosen theme. Think of the deep greens of forests, the burnt oranges of autumn, or the cerulean blues of lakes.

Say It with Images

A picture is worth a thousand words and can impart a sense of adventure instantly. For instance, if you are an intrepid mountaineer, a dramatic mountain photography print on the wall can remind you of your exhilarating expeditions and fuel your commitment to perseverance in your daily life. These pieces can set the tone of the entire space, serve as a striking focal point, and act as excellent conversation starters.

Another great option is to create a gallery wall featuring framed photographs from your adventures. Choose your favorite travel images and arrange them in a visually pleasing manner. You can have them all the same size in a classic gallery style or create a dynamic arrangement with different sizes and orientations for a more eclectic look. You can even frame up postcards or maps from your travels to add interest to your gallery wall.

Decorate with Adventure Gear

Each piece of gear, whether it is a weathered backpack or a pair of well-worn hiking boots, carries its own story and embodies the essence of adventure. Mountaineering gear can be mounted on the wall as functional art, while paddleboards or kayaks can be suspended from the ceiling. Be creative! The presence of adventure gear not only pays homage to your past exploits but also urges you to plan your next thrilling escapade.

You can also transform your home into a captivating travelogue by showcasing the souvenirs and artifacts collected during your journeys. These mementos, each with its own cultural or geographical significance, are fantastic conservation starters. Handwoven textiles, intricately carved wooden masks, and exotic pottery can be displayed on walls or in glass cabinets, infusing your home with the stories of your travels.

Let the Outdoors In

Sunshine is the ultimate mood booster for nature lovers. Large, unobstructed windows and strategically placed skylights can transform your room into a stimulating and invigorating space. The ever-changing play of sunlight within your home not only illuminates but also invokes the feeling of being immersed in nature. Open floor plans allow natural light to flow freely throughout the space and create a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor.

The inclusion of greenery in your interior design is another way to introduce a sense of vitality and create a microcosm of nature within your home. The presence of lush green leaves against a backdrop of earthy tones invokes memories of forests, jungles, and remote trails. This design approach is known as biophilia, which emphasizes the integration of natural elements in interior spaces to promote well-being and productivity.

Create an Adventure Nook

If you have limited space (or live with others who may not be as enthusiastic about your hobbies), consider setting up a small private area where you can fuel your wanderlust. Whether it is a cozy reading corner adorned with antique maps, travel memoirs, and a plush armchair, or a meditation space with nature-inspired decor and a tranquil ambiance, your adventure nook becomes a sanctuary for introspection and inspiration.

Choose textiles and fabrics that evoke the feeling of being on the road. Consider using rugged and rustic materials for upholstery and rugs, or opt for textiles with adventure-themed patterns such as anchors or wildlife motifs. Experiment with mood lighting such as lantern-style fixtures and LED candles to create warm and inviting glows that transport you to the campfire or a moonlit night in the wilderness.


For those who love exploration and the great outdoors, incorporating elements of nature and travel into your interior design can create a space that allows you to unwind without forgetting your passion. Through thoughtful interior design, adventure enthusiasts can turn their homes into more than just places to return to after expeditions but immersive sanctuaries that inspire future journeys and foster creativity and wonder. After all, you need to rest to go further!