Effective Tips to Make The Bedroom Feel Wider


roohome.com – Don’t be sad for those of you who have small bedrooms. In fact, there are advantages that you can get, such as being easy to clean and easy for you to organize. However, decorating a small room is more difficult. You are required to resist the urge to use items that you think are cute and aesthetic. You also have to choose only important furniture. Because in order for a bedroom to feel comfortable, you have to make it feel more spacious. And, this article was created to help you transform your beloved small bedroom into the most comfortable room in the house. So, here are the Effective Tips to Make The Bedroom Feel Wider you can follow.

1. Purge All The Clutter

purge clutter
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The first of the Effective Tips to Make The Bedroom Feel Wider is to purge all the clutter. Do not leave small items in the bedroom in spots that are visible to the eye, such as the table, mattress, and floor. Even though you arrange your things on the table very well and neatly, it can make your room look full and messy. Therefore, put these items in a drawer or cupboard in the bedroom. You can also use storage to put all your things. This method is much more effective for purging the clutter in your small bedroom.

2. Bright Floors

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The floor is also an important part of the bedroom that you have to pay attention to. In small rooms, try not to use carpet flooring. This is because it can muffle the appearance and make a small room feel more cramped. So, to maintain warmth in your bedroom, replace the carpet flooring with wooden flooring. Choose the light wood to make the room brighter. This will really help to have a wider effect on the bedroom.

Actually, compared to wooden flooring, floors with a glossy surface are much better. Porcelain flooring and marble flooring are the best options. It can look glossy and bright when exposed to light. Also, light can bounce back into the room and make this small room look brighter.

3. Arrange The Bedroom Layout As Best As Possible

bedroom layout
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Arranging the bedroom layout as best as possible is the next of Effective Tips to Make The Bedroom Feel Wider you can follow. Here, you have to place the furniture as best as possible. Try to leave the middle area as an empty area for you to move. It also helps in making the small bedroom feel more spacious and more comfortable.

First of all, focus on large furniture such as beds and tables. Don’t put your bed in the middle area of the room. It would be better to place the bed in the corner of the room adjacent to the window. And, you can place a table on the other side. Next, you only need to add a few more items to complement it, such as a small bedside table next to the bed.

Choose furniture for the bedroom very selectively. Choose the pieces of furniture that are important and will definitely be used. For example, if you already have a workspace in another room, then you can remove the table or replace it with a wardrobe.

4. Built-in Storage

built in shelves
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The more items you present in the room, the narrower the room. Of course, this is very disturbing comfort. Also, too many items can give the impression of being overcrowded and take away from the beauty of a small bedroom. Therefore, try to minimize the use of items in the bedroom. Eliminate the urge to use shelves. However, if you want to present a place to store things in your small bedroom, building built-in storage is the best solution. This looks like it blends in with the room and does not give a full or narrow effect.

You can also utilize the built-in storage as an attractive and aesthetic spot in the bedroom. Here, you only need to rely on additional lighting in the form of string lights or LED lights. Install this lamp in the area in the built-in storage. And, done. See how beautiful it is when your main lamp is turned off. It can also be a sleeping light at night. Very multifunctional, right?

5. Present Mirror in The Room

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Mirrors are important items that must be present in the bedroom. This functions to help you carry out several activities such as makeup, apply skincare, see your outfit of the day, and so on. However, the function of the mirror does not just stop there. Mirrors also have other functions for the room itself, especially small rooms. This item can have a broad effect on your small bedroom.

How could that be?

So, mirrors have the property of reflecting light. Light that enters through the window and hits the mirror will reflect back into the room, making the small room feel brighter. Not only that, the mirror displays the reflection of the room so it looks like there are no barriers (walls). This is what makes a small room feel more spacious.

The bigger the mirror you use, the better it will be for the room. However, still pay attention to the design and layout of your room. Choose a mirror that matches your room so that the aesthetic value can be maintained properly.

6. Hang The Curtain from The Ceiling To The Floor

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Curtains are an important item for the bedroom. It can cover windows so that it maintains your privacy very well. However, the function of curtains is not only this. You can also use curtains to give a wide effect to your small bedroom. You only need to hang it from the ceiling to the floor. And, this becomes the next of Effective Tips to Make The Bedroom Feel Wider you can follow.

Hanging curtains from the ceiling to the floor gives a higher effect on the walls of the room. And this is what can make your small room look wider.

Pay attention to the height of the curtains you use for the bedroom. Make sure the height of the curtain is almost the same as the wall of the room. Do not let the curtains reach the floor because this will actually have a small effect on the room. Just make sure that the bottom of the curtain touches the floor. So, the size of the curtain must be appropriate, not too high but not too short either. Because the results given will of course be different.

7. Do A Simple Bedding

simple bedding
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The bed is the main spot in the bedroom. So, the appearance will greatly influence the beauty and comfort of this room. And, for the small bedroom, of course there are some specifically for the bedding. You are required to choose the right bedding so as not to make the room look dark, full, crowded, and uncomfortable. Actually, the method is quite easy. You only need to do simple bedding.

Choose neutral-colored bedding. White color is the best. And, do not choose bedding with busy motifs. It would be better to use bedding without a motif (plain). It is really good at making your bedroom keep minimalist and simple. That way, this small room will feel more comfortable.

And, if you want to present something interesting on the bed, then use the pillows. Here, you can choose the pillow sheets with beautiful but still simple motifs. The colors for the pillowsheets also should not be too eccentric.

8. Minimize The Use of Colors

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Choosing color in a room may seem trivial. In fact, color selection is the most important step. The color you choose will determine the look and atmosphere of your room. So, make sure you choose the color for your lovely room very well and carefully.

The small bedroom cannot be filled with too many colors. It can make the appearance become full, stuffy, and cramped. So, just choose one to three colors to keep the appearance simple and minimalist.

Playing with neutral colors is key. Choose white as the main color in the room. It will help in lighting up the appearance of the room. In addition, white can remove the dark corners in the room so that the small bedroom can feel more spacious. And, if you want to make the appearance of the room look attractive, then present gray as an accent. You can also use other colors outside of neutral colors such as soft pink and brown for the pillow.

9. Utilize The Wall

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You could not use too much furniture in a room. So, only choose furniture that you really need. For example, you do not need to use shelves for the bedroom because this only takes up the space and makes it feel narrow and uncomfortable. For storage, you can use the wall area in the bedroom. This also serves as a wall decoration to add aesthetic value and beauty to your bedroom.

Install the floating wall shelves on the wall. And, make this your best storage place. Put and organize your things there neatly. Apart from that, you can also set aside some space on the floating wall shelves to place some decorations that can make the room look more beautiful and attractive.

On the other side of the wall, make it a gallery wall. Install the string light on the wall. And, hang some of your photos there. This is also a decoration that can look very beautiful at night.

10. Light Up Your Room

light up the room
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An important point in a small bedroom is lighting. To make this small room feel comfortable, you have to light up your room well. And, this is the next of Effective Tips to Make The Bedroom Feel Wider.

There are two types of lighting that you should use for the small bedroom:

  1. Natural lighting
  2. Artificial lighting

Maximize the natural lighting by installing large windows. Leave the windows exposed without any decorations during the day so that light can enter the room freely. But, if you want to maintain your privacy in the bedroom, then decorate the window with sheer curtains. With this, light can still enter and illuminate the small bedroom very well.

There are many benefits you can get from maximizing natural lighting, such as increasing the warm feel, removing dark shadows, removing dark corners in the room, livening up the atmosphere, and making the colors in the room look more lively.

For lighting, use a main light with bright lighting. Also, use additional lights as additional lighting while adding to the beauty of the room. You can use string lights and candles. Yellow lighting brings warmth into the bedroom making it feel comfortable and calm.

11. Decorate The Room with Rug

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The last of the Effective Tips to Make The Bedroom Feel Wider is to use the rug. Choose a rug that is the right size, not too big but not too small either. The presence of a rug adds fabric material to the room which can add warmth to the bedroom. So, this not only gives a spacious effect to a small bedroom but also makes it feel more comfortable.

Use a neutral-colored rug. You can choose a white or gray rug. It would be better to choose a rug without a pattern or plain to maintain a simple and minimalist impression of the bedroom.

Final Words

Having a small bedroom is not a drawback. You can still make this room feel comfortable. It is just that, you have to make the room look and feel more spacious. This is the key. And, the points above are the Effective Tips to Make The Bedroom Feel Wider you can follow. We provide effective tips that are very easy to implement. So, happy trying!