Design Your House with Inspiration from Shimla Tour


Every year, Lakhs of people travel to visit Shimla to enjoy its soothing weather and serene natural landscape. The town has everything travelers desire: great architecture, picturesque views, historical charm, and more. Once you visit Shimla, it is tough to get it out of your mind as the atmosphere of the place is quite mesmerizing. But what if you could make your house give the vibes of Shimla? Won’t that be amazing? We all know that home decor can impact our daily lives and change the vibe and look of the house.

Coming back home from work and enjoying the view of the house just like you did in Shimla will take away all your stress. If you think achieving this is complicated and challenging, here are some tips to make it easier. With these tips, you can take your home decor to the next level and create the same charm and ambiance as Shimla.

Nature-Inspired Colours

The best part about Shimla is the natural magnificence that we get to see. Even after years, people cannot forget the view and the natural landscape. So, to make your house look like Shimla, it is crucial to adapt the town’s colors. Go for light and earthy colors like Beige, brown, and light shades of green that will make the house look more natural and pleasing to the eyes. The basic color of the wall plays a significant role in setting the tone for the entire house.

Stone Fireplace

A central attraction point in almost all accommodations in Shimla is the classy stone fireplace. You can also have a fireplace to make your house unique and cozy, like Shimla, which will be a great conversation starter. Buying an authentic stone fireplace is not a compulsion, as you can get a faux fireplace to get the visual aesthetics similar to Shimla.

Wooden Touch

Shimla Travel Packages never seem to get boring, and one of the main reasons for that is the visual appeal of the place. A silent aspect of the flawless look of the place that many people don’t give credit to is the use of wood in architecture. Wooden furniture pieces like wooden chairs, coffee tables, or antique cabinets make the surroundings more royal and elegant. By adding classic wooden furniture to your house, you can also achieve a graceful and superior look of the house.

Plant Decor

Most people get flattered by witnessing the surreal natural beauty and lush greenery in Shimla, covered with snow, which looks spectacular. You can create the same environment in your house by getting some indoor plants. Plants like ferns, ivy, or small pine trees will immediately remind you of the beautiful town of Shimla. Plants aren’t expensive and bring benefits like air purification and removal of toxins, which is an added benefit.

Candles and Vintage Lanterns

The colonial impact is easily visible in the architecture and design of Shimla. Even in this modern era, the look and feel of a classic house are incomparable. Arranging some candles in the house is a great way to make your house look elegant and luxurious without breaking the bank. You can make your house more majestic by adding some vintage lanterns. The look and lighting these candles and lanterns provide are a treat to the eyes and will surely teleport you to the magnificent city of Shimla.

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Soft Lighting

Whenever we imagine visiting Shimla, one of the first visuals that comes to mind is the city’s soft, light, and pleasing view. To get such vibes from your home, it is vital to have soft lighting and an inviting environment. A simple way to create that environment will be using lamps with fabric shades, chandeliers, and overall soft and warm lighting in the house to get a reminiscence of hillside homes.

Travel Souvenirs 

A nice trick to add Shimla’s charm and elegance to your house is displaying the lovely souvenirs you got from the place. Shimla is known for its beautiful handicrafts and artworks. You can showcase local pottery or handicrafts that will always take you back to the terrific memories of your Shimla trip. The souvenirs will always bring a natural feeling to the house and make it reminiscent of Shimla.

Art Pieces

Bringing the mountains from Shimla is impossible, but you can get paintings or photos of the giant mountains, Shimla’s landscape, and the lush greenery around it. The paintings will create a perception of natural elements in your home. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the gorgeous painting hanging on the wall can be the epicenter and main attraction of the house.

We spend 60% of our time in our homes, so it is vital to create a comfortable and pleasing atmosphere in our homes. A house inspired by the theme and elegance of Shimla will give you a lovely living experience and channel calmness and composure in your behavior.