Ideas & Tips for Perfect Boho Curtains


Rooted in the unconventional and inspired by various cultures, boho decor embraces a laid-back, non-traditional aesthetic that effortlessly combines patterns, textures, and colours from around the world. Characterised by its emphasis on individuality, creativity, and a sense of wanderlust, it is the style that encapsulates a free-spirited and eclectic approach to interior design.

Boho interiors often feature a mix of vintage and handmade elements, incorporating elements like vibrant textiles, lush plants, and a diverse array of decorative items. With an emphasis on self-expression and a disregard for rigid rules, boho decor creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects the unique personality and experiences of those who inhabit the space.

So if you’re here trying to capture this essence in curtains, this blog will be your guide to finding the perfect boho curtains.

Finding the Boho Style Within Curtains

Far beyond mere window adornments, boho curtains stand as vibrant manifestations of individualistic style and creative panache. Before we start, let us give you the buzzwords that’ll guide your search – relaxed, eclectic, warm, colourful, and lived-in.

So here’s to finding the vagabond hidden in you and going as it calls while following our tips and ideas for boho curtains:

Fabrics to Bring Out the Boho

Opt for lightweight and breathable materials like cotton or linen, and the best of all – sheer curtains to achieve the laid-back, carefree look that defines boho decor. These fabrics not only provide a relaxed drape but also allow for the gentle play of natural light, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere in your space.

To enhance the boho aesthetic, explore textiles with vibrant prints, ethnic patterns, or even a subtle tie-dye effect. Embrace the eclectic nature of boho decor by mixing and layering different fabrics – consider combining solid-coloured wrinkly linen curtains with self-patterned sheer curtains.

Pick Your Palette

Embrace Earthy Tones: When selecting a palette for boho curtains, lean towards earthy tones that evoke a natural and grounded feel. Think warm terracottas, muted greens, and sandy beiges to create a harmonious connection with the bohemian aesthetic, mirroring the beauty of nature.

Go Bold with Bright Colors: Infuse energy into your boho space by incorporating curtains in vibrant and bold colours. Think rich blues, deep purples, or fiery oranges to create a lively and dynamic atmosphere that aligns with the free-spirited nature of bohemian design.

Neutrals with Colorful Embellishments: You may also go for neutral-toned curtains adorned with colourful embellishments. Try whites, creams, or greys, but with added tassels, embroidery, or pom-poms in bright hues, injecting a playful and eclectic touch into the overall design. Always the best way to go if you want the curtains to be a part of the background while adding lots of colourful furniture in the foreground.

Ombre for a Middle Ground: If you’re torn between bold hues and neutral tones, choose ombre curtains that seamlessly blend two or more shades, providing a middle ground. This gradual transition from light to dark tones adds visual interest and depth to your boho space while maintaining a harmonious and balanced look.

Add Embellishments to Custom Curtains

When opting for custom curtains, the ability to customize your window treatments allows for a truly unique and personalized touch to your home decor. And, when it comes to boho curtains, they are simply incomplete without tasteful embellishments.

So, embellish your curtains with tassel and pom-pom trims that add to the playful and whimsical persona of the space. The choice of tassel or pom-pom trim colours can either complement or contrast with the curtain fabric. You can also add brush trims to add texture and a sense of movement to your curtains.

Tassels and trims capture the ‘gypsy’ life right within your homes, bringing colours and inducing the joyful sense and freedom of the vagabond way of living. So make the best out of this knick-knack opportunity, and let your curtains be ‘extra’ordinary.


While designing boho curtains, the idea is to make them look well-designed and casually done at the same time. The design challenge here is keeping it playful and laid-back no matter how much thought and intricate detailing goes into your drapery. So every element added should only accentuate the marked casualness of boho-style decor.

We hope this blog helps you strike the delicate balance between thoughtful detailing and effortlessness, and wish you a happy shopping and draping experience!