Window Treatments  Ideas & Tips for Different Decor Styles


When it comes to interior design, window treatments play a crucial role in tying a room together. They not only provide privacy and control natural light but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home as focal points, bringing in much-needed oomph and warmth. From made-to-measure curtains puddling elegantly in maximalist homes to wood-woven blinds in boho chic homes, the options are endless and rest assured, there’s a window treatment for every decor style.

In this blog, we bring you ideas and tips for window treatments suitable for different decor styles. Let’s dive in!

Ideas for the Clean & Minimal Aesthetes

In a minimalist living room, simplicity is key. Focus on clean lines and neutral colours to maintain a serene and uncluttered aesthetic.

  • Go for Custom Roman Blinds: Offering a streamlined look that complements minimalist decor, made-to-measure roman blinds.
  • Stick to Neutral Colors: Opt for shades of white, grey, or beige to keep the space feeling light and airy. Avoid bold patterns and vibrant colours that can disrupt the minimalist vibe.
  • Use Discreet Hardware: Select simple and unobtrusive hardware that doesn’t draw attention away from the overall design. Thin curtain rods or hidden brackets are ideal.

Ideas for Maximalist Homes

For maximalists, the joy lies in ritzy glam. Go bold and experiment as you like, for such homes are dressed right only when they are dressed up!

  • Layer Window Treatments: You can never go wrong with layering in a maximalist home because, ‘the more, the better’. Layer luxe velvet drapes with opulent swag valances or roman blinds for a rich look. Mix and match patterns and colours to create a visually stimulating and glam-chic feel.
  • Vibrant and Rich Colors: Embrace a bold colour palette with jewel tones, such as emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red. Use contrasting colours to create dynamic visual interest and make the space feel lively and engaging. Don’t shy away from metallic accents, such as gold or silver, to add a touch of glamour.
  • Statement Hardware: Opt for decorative and elaborate curtain rods with intricate designs or unique finishes. Choose hardware that makes a statement, such as crystal finials or ornate brass brackets. Consider pairing the hardware with tassels or tiebacks for an added layer of opulence.

Ideas for the Hippy-Chic Boho Homes

Boho homes embody a lively, carefree personality and your window treatments should relay the same happy-go-lucky vibes.

  • Eclectic Window Treatments: There’s nothing quite as carefree as the free-flowing linen sheer curtains. Combine them with wood woven shades and the organic charm of these two elements will surely make a statement in your boho home. Additionally, consider adding layers with beaded curtains or macramé for a whimsical touch.
  • Earthy Tones: Opt for a colour palette that includes earthy tones like terracotta, olive green, mustard yellow, burnt orange, etc. Use natural materials and textures, such as woven jute, rattan, and bamboo, to create a grounded, organic feel. Incorporate accents in metallics like brass or copper to add warmth and a hint of glamour.
  • Tassels and Fringe: Add tassels, pom poms, or fringe to your boho curtains for a playful and relaxed vibe. Choose tassels in a variety of colours and sizes to complement the eclectic decor. While pom poms make the room feel playful, fringes can create a sense of movement.

Ideas for Scandi Decor Homes

Scandi decor is clean and minimalist while being warm and inviting. Stay on the neutral side of the palette and use blended or organic fabrics. Let’s get into the details:

  • Beige Curtains: Opt for beige curtains in natural fabrics like linen or cotton to create a light, airy feel. Ensure the curtains are simple and unadorned, with clean lines that complement the Scandinavian aesthetic. Pair the beige curtains with sheer white underlayers to maximise natural light while maintaining privacy.
  • Natural Wood Hardware: Select curtain rods and hardware made from light, natural wood to enhance the Scandinavian look. Use simple, minimalist designs that blend seamlessly with the neutral colour palette. Opt for finishes that highlight the natural grain of the wood, adding warmth and texture to the space.

Ideas for Industrial-Style Homes

The industrial style thrives on a raw look, anchoring itself to edgy, utilitarian, and clean elements.

  • Roller Shades & Metal Blinds: Opt for roller shades in neutral tones like grey, black, or white to maintain the industrial aesthetic. Choose materials with a slightly rough or textured finish to add to the raw, utilitarian feel. You may also use aluminium or steel blinds for a sleek, industrial look. Choose finishes like brushed nickel, matte black, or gunmetal grey to match the industrial decor.
  • Exposed Hardware: Opt for curtain rods and brackets with an industrial look, such as those made from black iron pipes or metal scaffolding. Use visible, rugged hardware to create a sense of unfinished, raw appeal. Select sturdy, utilitarian designs that complement the overall aesthetic.
  • Exposed Brick or Concrete Window Frames: With roller shades or metal blinds, you can leave the window frame exposed to showcase the brick or concrete structure as a focal point to highlight the industrial character of the space.

Ideas for Country Decor Homes & Cottages

The country decor style has a cosy laidback ambience, and your best bets to relay such a vibe are organic linen or cotton curtains. Let’s take you through some tips & ideas:

  • Classic Checkered Curtains: Use checkered or gingham patterns in colours like red, blue, or green to bring a classic country feel to your windows. Choose lightweight cotton or linen fabrics for a cosy and inviting look. Pair these curtains with simple tiebacks made of natural fibres like jute or twine.
  • Rustic Wood Shutters: If you want an option other than curtains, reclaimed wood shutters with a weathered finish can be your go-to, adding a rustic charm to your interiors. These shutters add warmth and texture while maintaining the country aesthetic.
  • Embroidered or Appliqué Details: Select curtains with embroidered or appliqué details featuring country themes like farm animals, flowers, or hearts. These decorative elements add a personal touch and enhance the rustic charm. Use these details sparingly to avoid overwhelming the space.

In Closing

For every decor style, there’s a different window treatment that can enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of your space. Whether you prefer the clean lines and neutral tones of minimalism, the vibrant and layered look of maximalism, the eclectic charm of boho, the rugged appeal of industrial, or the light and airy feel of Scandinavian design, the right window treatments can make a significant impact. By carefully selecting materials, colours, and hardware that align with your chosen style, you can create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere that reflects your personal taste and enhances your home’s unique character.

That’s a wrap on our blog and we hope we’re leaving you with enough tips and ideas to ace your window project. Happy decorating!