A Creative Concept In Combining Kitchen, Dining Room, And Living Room All In One Space

A Creative Concept For Kitchen, Dining Room, And Living Room All In One Space
© Ievgeniia Biriukova

Roohome.com – Are you confused to combine your kitchen, dining room, and living room all in one space? Does it complicate you? Take it easy because Ievgeniia Biriukova has a brilliant idea to make your dream happen! Even though a small apartment more difficult rather than an usual apartment, but She combines it becomes one by using a creative concept. Let’s check this out!

First of all, let we take a look how the room is. Ievgeniia Biriukova divides it into three parts that consists of kitchen across the dining room and beside it there is living room. She divides it well, so makes the display of the apartment more presentable by using an elegant of creative concept.

A Creative Design To Beautify Your Apartment Look
© Ievgeniia Biriukova
A Creative Concept Suits For Small Apartment
© Ievgeniia Biriukova

For kitchen, she creates a small cabinetry to reach out the mini bar near the kitchen. She also does not forget to put glass window to make the kitchen more real which is mixed with a touch of blue paint colour on a whole cabinetry. Both of two red bar chairs is placed facing the mini bar.

A Creative Concept To Make Your Apartment More Unique
© Ievgeniia Biriukova

Across the kitchen, there is a simple dining room as simple as the creative concept. She chooses an oval dining table which is combined six wooden chairs to make it simple but elegant. The wooden chair is as nice as the wooden floor.

A Creative Concept Brings Possitive Effect For Your Apartment Design
© Ievgeniia Biriukova

Beside the dining room, there is a beautiful white couch which is mixed with blue curtain colour. For living room, Ievgeniia uses pastel colour to produce a sweet view as same as creative concept. She also places an unique wallpaper on the wall.

A Creative Concept Makes Your Kitchen, Dining Room, And Living Room Become Enticing
© Ievgeniia Biriukova

Having a small apartment will not give difficulty to you. Instead of making difficult, Ievgeniia Biriukova creates it more easier in combining three main parts such as kitchen, dining room, and living room all in one space. It is interesting, is not it? Go and try now!