Luxurious Penthouse Interior Design By Ando Studio

Luxurious penthouse design
© Ando Studio – The luxurious penthouse interior design below will make everyone drool. The soft touch of the color scheme make it bright and shine. It creates the comfortable feel while staying there. The best layout of its open plan concept makes it feels wider. You can see it and get the reference for makes your dwelling be more beautiful and comfortable.

Luxury living room interior designs ideas

Everyone has a different definition of luxury. Some people consider traditional design as the kingdom looks luxury, and some may not. In the modern era, people believe that the simple and elegant concept will create the luxury feel automatically. It likes the modern living room below! The living room below is applying an open floor plan.

The use of bright and neutral color scheme make it looks stylish. You can see the color combination that was applied in its space, it is so beautiful. The white and light brown shades also support the luxury feel in this penthouse. Besides that, the selection of the furniture design also important to support the theme and feel that we want to appear.

luxurious living room design
© Ando Studio
Mid-century living room style
© Ando Studio 

The modern furniture design is simple and more practical. It perfects to create the luxury and elegant feel in a room. You can see the modern furniture design with the dark color that was arranged perfectly. That is the add the prestigious point for it.

Contemporary living room designs ideas
© Ando Studio

This luxurious penthouse interior design applies an open plan concept. That is why it looks so spacious and enjoyable. The lighting feature that was set in this space also holds the important part in beautifying its space. So, if you want to realize the beautiful and comfortable space, you also need to pay attention to the lighting feature there.

Modern living room design
© Ando Studio 

The modern kitchen with the aluminum material still being the favorite choice. We all know that it can look stylish. Adding the bar concept also suitable for it. But, you also need to provide the dining room. You can choose the same design for it.

An open plan concept
© Ando Studio 

The bedroom in this penthouse applies the modern Japanese concept. It so elegant and cozy. There are also not too much decoration.

Modern bedroom theme
© Ando Studio

So, how about this penthouse interior design?