Awesome Luxury Apartment Design Ideas by Javier Wainstein

Awesome Apartment Design
© Javier Wainstein – A Luxury apartment is quite often to come with modern style and in this design, we will describe how to create awesome luxury apartment design ideas. Most people thought that having luxury apartment must have a lot of stuff especially decoration but Javien Wainstein could change it into something new.

She creates something great in order to change the old style luxury apartment into something brilliant. The concept is about to show Central Park from the apartment the interior design is so awesome as you can see on the image above. The color is matching to the other and also the placement of stuff looks orderly.

Luxury Apartment Design
© Javier Wainstein

Taking look from another angle ( full view apartment ). Make it look so perfect. The contrast is also ideal. There is several stuff placed there but she can create awesome luxury apartment design.

The furniture from Living room includes with Bauhaus-inspired pieces such as Brooklyn Chair by Jean-Marie Massaud. Another masterpiece stuff comes from the Kekke and Fedde collection which provide some stuff on The lounge and sofa.

This luxury apartment design is so awesome. Surely, everyone who stays here will feel comfortable.