Simple Interior Design Brings Natural Decoration Ideas For Modern Residence

Simple interior design
© La Shed – Do you have a desire to create a modern residence in this era? Well, you are in the right choice to see a simple interior design with natural decoration ideas in it. You will not get difficulty in arranging the decoration because this design inspires many things. The simple itself refers to the usage of modern furniture which is used to decorate all over the room perfectly. This design is suitable for you who like living in springtime because the interior is made for the season.

 Simple Interior Design by La Shed

Having a wide space residence might complete you to create a nice atmosphere and look. Be smart in deciding the concept of the interior otherwise, you will get a wrong result. Luckily, La Shed has a ton of brilliant ideas to make your dreaming home living more stylish and modern. First of all, the designer shows some of the empty spaces in the living room. For the living room itself, the designer does not place any decorations in order to limit its space. By placing a gray couch and a modest bookshelf on the wall, it has been a nice decoration. The designer also adds greenery around the room just because there is a large window which provides natural vibe into your house.

Simple interior decoration ideas
© La Shed

The designer also adds greenery around the room just because there is a large window which provides natural vibe into your house. This is a simple interior design living room which beautifying all over the living room with wooden material as well. In the middle of this living room, there is a huge square box as the divider between the stairs.

Simple interior design ideas
© La Shed
Simple Interior design for living room
© La Shed

Simple Interior Design with Wooden Accent for Kitchen

Move to the kitchen which has a wooden accent as the main material. La Shed is really brilliant in choosing the kitchen set because it is suitable with the simple interior decoration ideas. Above of the kitchen set, there is a unique pendant light in order to beautify the kitchen more artistic. The designer uses wooden almost in all over the kitchen area. Interestingly, from the kitchen, you are able to see a great view of springtime clearly. The simple interior design is suitable for creating a natural vibe as well.

Simple interior design for kitchen
© La Shed

Simple Interior Design with Creative Decoration and Arrangement for Bedroom

Here is the main bedroom which is decorated by the simple interior. The designer utilizes a mini balcony outside the bedroom which is decorated with a large window as well. Interestingly, the bedroom is located right behind the square box. It means the designer is creating a creative decoration and arrangement. For the bathroom itself, the designer designs an open space which is combined with white color. Therefore, the bathroom looks clear and bright because of the sunlight outside the window.

Simple interior design for bedroom
© La Shed
Simple interior design for bathroom
© La Shed
Simple interior design with creative decoration
© La Shed

Applying a simple interior design for your modern residence it can the best choice for you. Simple interior brings a natural vibe and decoration if you arrange it well. Do not worry, La Shed has given you the best masterpiece for you. If you want to see other designs, just visit and check here. Have a nice day!