Minimalist Home Design Applied With Wooden Decor Bring Out a Modern and Stylish Impression

minimalist home design
© Oleksii Karman – Arranging home design with minimalist design into your residence is the best choice for you. This design will inspire you that create with a wooden and soft gray color decor. The designer is designing this minimalist home design tries showing you a good arrangement if you have a large space of your home. Do not worry, you will get a great inspiration about the decoration of this minimalist home interior design ideas below! Check this out!

Minimalist Living Room Design Painted By Gray Color Decor

The first part of minimalist home interior design ideas you have to arrange the living room with a great design. For the living room, you could arrange with a minimalist style decor that looks so attractive. That is why the designer arranged this minimalist living room design painted by gray color decor with a perfect arrangement in it to apply in your room. To make it more perfect, the designer combined it with wooden accent decor that can make your modern home interior design looks so outstanding.

minimalist wooden living room
© Oleksii Karman
minimalist living room design
© Oleksii Karman

Minimalist Bedroom Decor Applied With Soft Color and Wooden Design

The next, you could design the bedroom with minimalist decor to make it does not look monotonous. Arrange your bedroom applied with soft color and wooden design in it to make it looks modern and stylish. Then, you may add also with a wooden accent to make this minimalist bedroom decor become more awesome. Adding a perfect decoration on the wall to make this minimalist home design looks perfect. Use a simple color that very compatible to your design. Do not add much ornament in your design.

minimalist bedroom design
© Oleksii Karman
modern bedroom design
© Oleksii Karman
soft color bedroom design
© Oleksii Karman

Modern Kitchen Set Design Combined With Wooden Decor Ideas

Next, you may design your kitchen with wooden decor ideas also. You can use gray color to fits your concept design. You may set the floor also with a wooden design. If you want, you may use an appropriate ornament as a decoration in your minimalist home interior design ideas. To give the impression that the present moment, you can use the lights which have the trendy shaped model, this will adorn the beauty to your modern kitchen set design ideas. If you want to combine the design, you may adjust another color to combining the design.

modern dining room design
© Oleksii Karman
modern wooden kitchen set design
© Oleksii Karman
modern dining room
© Oleksii Karman

Would you like to apply this minimalist home design like the picture above? Do you interested in? Let’s realize your dream design right now! Hopefully, this design was very helpful for you. Good luck!