The Luxurious Apartment Design With The Artistic Shades

Luxurious living room design
© Dream Design Studio – have a comfortable and luxurious home is every person’s dream. Applying luxurious feel in your residence is not the easy thing actually. We need to prepare the theme that we want to appear and the thing about the budget that might be spending lots of money. This problem is what makes each person must find a way to handle it and as much as possible to reduce the budget of the production.

If you really want to appear luxurious feel in your space, you have to find the design that would be perfect for you. You can apply the artistic shades that can support the theme that you want to appear. The use of color also specifies the impression of luxury in a room. Do not use the bright color with the contrast combination. It would be better if you use elegant white or dark color combination.

The designer from Dream Design Studio creates a luxurious apartment design with the artistic furniture. He uses dark brown color with the natural green element from the plant decoration. You can feel special and spoiled by the artistic furniture that the designer used.

Velvet sofa ideas
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How about changing your old fireplace into the modern candle place? It is suitable for you to decorate its frame. Creating the artistic ceiling design with the beautiful lamp would attract the other people attention. They can not believe what kind of the place that they were have been in.

How to make an awesome ceiling design
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How awesome this space! The perfect high ceiling design with the floor plan is the important thing to realize your dream of having a luxurious living room. The dark brown paint with the abstract pattern on the wall looks so fantastic. It can make you feel like living in the luxurious castle with your soulmate, is that sounds good?

Artistic lamp decoration
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Choosing the best furniture that can fit with your theme is one of the most important tasks for you. The hight cost does not guarantee the quality of the product. So, you have to be careful while choosing the furniture that you want to use. It means that before you are going to buy the furniture, you have to match it with your theme, if it artistic space, you have to buy the artistic furniture also. It is the easy way that you can do it to handle the problem that might happen.

Purple dining room design
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The classic dining table with the purple chair is perfectly blend with the room’s atmosphere.

Floor plan ideas
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Making the unique sliding door is also good to help your access to go to the backyard. Do not make the hard design, just give a little pattern on it, and you still get the beautiful view from the outside.

Attic bedroom design with classic theme
© Dream Design Studio

The luxurious apartment design would be complete with this beautiful bedroom. The wooden dark brown floor with the natural pattern makes the room feel warmer. Actually, the dark color in this apartment is holding the important role for supporting the theme. The window ceiling is also good to be with you when you can not sleep in the night.

Modern and luxury bathroom ideas
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Gold is always great to create luxurious feel! How about it?