Modern Living Room Interior, Exclusive with Decorating Idea Set!

Modern Interior Design Styles
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A living room is the best place to enjoy your spare time both with your family and friends. Decorating your living room will make your house looks gorgeous because it is the main part of your house. Whoever comes, they will go through it at first. In this article, we would like to give an exclusive decorating idea just only for you.

Modern Interior Design Ideas

To create a different atmosphere of your living room. You have to conceptualize the main idea. The first thing, you have to choose your theme concept. We recommend you to use a modern theme as you can find the furniture almost anywhere. Bare in mind, to modernize your living room, you must consider what furniture to be used.

Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

Modern Interior Furniture
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Take a peek on the first image, you can see the concept idea does not use too many stuff but it can still encourage the modern theme itself. Not only the concept but also the furniture such as the sofa, coffee table, carpets, and indoor plants are extremely arranged and selected properly.

Modern Interior Furniture
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The modern living room above mostly strengthens white color as the main concept. It shows an elegance to everyone who sees the design. The coffee table color is picked accurately without missing to its concept. We can say this living room is really recommended to everyone who wants to remodel theirs.

Modern Living Room Wall Texture Ideas

Modern Living Room Wall Texture1
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A Painted wall texture is a really great choice. If you are looking on the image above. You might think it uses wallpaper on the wall where actually it comes from the wall texture itself which painted from classic to bold. What a Really great wall texture idea!

Modern Living Room Wall Texture2
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Stripped wall texture could be stress-reducing for you. You should give it a try if you want to relax. For your additional tips, you can make it more fabulous if you have a fireplace in your living room but if you do not have it. This wall texture still represents a great modern concept design.

Modern Living Room Flooring Ideas

Modern Living Room Flooring1
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To show your modern living room interior ideas greatly. You must acknowledge what flooring style to use. The design above shows you a suitable flooring set to implement. It can fit almost to any modern design. So, you could give it a try.

Modern Living Room Flooring2
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Most modern interior living room ideas use white as the main color. If you do the same thing. You can design your flooring style with the concept above as it is really relevant to almost modern design idea with a white color theme.

Modern Living Room Window Ideas

Modern Living Room Window Concept 1
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What an outstanding design it is! If you think that it is connected to the backyard. You are totally wrong about that. It looks like there is no window out there where actually it has a big window which separates the backyard and living room.

Modern Living Room Window Concept 2
© davidholladay

This window design set is really suitable if you do not have enough backyard space because it already has a great style. It opens a scenery between your backyard and also the skies. Would be nice if there is a sunrise or sunset view. So the sunlight would decorate naturally.

Modern Living Room Window Concept 3
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The idea of this window design is to show you an urban life. No matter on what floor do you live. You can use this window as it would open an amazing scenery to your living room.

Modern Living Room Ceiling Idea

Modern Living Room Ceiling 1
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Using pastel color on your ceiling is an absolutely great choice. It can help you to relax your mind while you are there especially when there are many dim lights. You can also decorate it with pendant lamp to set it more beautiful.

Modern Living Room Ceiling 2
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Concepting surrounds recessed lights in this design is a masterpiece. They are really useful if you use soft color as your main idea. Besides that, it also creates an extraordinary atmosphere for everyone who stays there.

Decorating Set for Modern Living Room Interior

In this section, we recommend you to use our decoration set. We have chosen the image based on our editor choices. We represent a great idea that helps you to beautify your living room interior.

Modern Living Room Decoration Set 1
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Modern Living Room Decoration Set 2
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Modern Living Room Decoration Set 3
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Modern Living Room Decoration Set 4
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Modern Living Room Decoration Set 5
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Turning your living room into a Modern theme is not a difficult situation. By following our guide above. You can easily apply it to yours. Do not worry anymore to find modern living room interior ideas as we have served it exclusively with decoration set. All these things can only be found on Roohome.