Best Living Room Paint Colors To Make This Room Look Attractive

854 – Have a living room that seems ordinary or even boring? It could be because you are wrong in choosing colors for the living room. The choice of the base color for the room is important. You can also make the look or feel you want in the living room by choosing the right color. So here the Best Living Room Paint Colors To Make This Room Look Attractive. So, let’s check it out!

1. Lilac

Beautiful Lilac Living Room
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Want to have a romantic and fresh living room? Lilac can be an option. Some cushions with floral motifs such as support the romantic nuance of the living room and make it look sweet. Some blue decorations such as blending with lilacs and bring a sweet appearance to the living room as a whole. The combination of lilac, blue, and yellow colors on the carpet makes the living look colorful.

2. Light Grey

Bright Living Room Decor
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Light gray is a popular color that is often applied to home interiors. Usually, this color is used in designs that present a bright and simple look, like Scandinavian.

Some wooden furniture seems to blend with the color of light gray makes the living room feel warm. A little extra plant on the side of the window gives a fresh look so the feel and appearance of the living room are not too stiff. Sofa with dark gray can also be an option to sweeten the room without reducing the simple impression of the room itself. A little sharp display you can present by placing a black lamp near the bench.

3. Dark Grey

Masculine Living Room Decor
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Cool appearance and mature look you can present in the living room by applying the color of dark gray on the wall. This color is perfect for living rooms with large windows. The aim is to reduce the light entering the room so that the living room is not too dazzled. Some black items make your living room look classy and elegant. The presence of brown and white colors gives a sweet and bright side so that the living room is not too dark and remains comfortable.

4. Army Green


Fresh Living Room Ideas
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Army green is very fitting to be applied for you who want to have a fresh and mature living room. The use of wood floors like blending with army green brings a natural feel to the living room. The warm ambiance can be felt from a brown of the wooden floor. Some plants with rattan pots such as supporting the color of army green in making the living room feel fresh and relaxed. A little white decoration perfects the look of the living room, making it look bright and not stiff.

5. Ocean Blue

Coastal Living Room Ideas
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You can get a fresh and soothing feel with the use of ocean blue as the base color of the room. The use of this color makes the living room feel at the beach. Classy appearance can also be seen from the existence of a sofa Chester in the living room supported by the presence of gold in some items. Yellow pillows make this room feel a bit cheerful.