3 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving


Moving is no one’s favorite activity. It is extremely stressful, tedious and quite often – overwhelming. Not only do you have to set aside some time to carry it out, but you also have to plan thoroughly if you don’t want things to go sideways.

That being said, if you do not do proper research, you may end up falling for certain mistakes that can slow you down or ruin the entire move. If you want to avoid them, make sure you read through the entire article. We have gathered information from various moving companies Chicago and now bring to you the top 3 mistakes to avoid during your next move.

Mistake #1: Not Sticking To Your Schedule

There is a reason why “Create a proper plan” is the first advice that most people receive when it comes to moving. The problem comes when you do not know how to actually plan your tasks. You may end up giving way too much time to things that are done quickly, or more often – too little time to more difficult tasks.

Here is our best advice – a good general practice is to err on the side of being late. Give yourself enough time to finish what you have planned. Have you set aside 2 hours for packing? Made them 4. Maybe even 6. It is better to be ahead of schedule than behind it.

Mistake #2: You Go With The First Moving Company You See

If you have no experience in moving, or you have never organized it yourself before, you may be tempted by a great-sounding offer from a company that is otherwise quite bad. Don’t fall for flashy websites and big words. The truth is that moves are not super cheap. They don’t necessarily have to be extremely expensive, but no one is going to help you move for fifty bucks.

So when you look for a moving company make sure to research it properly. Look at the reviews. Try to judge how honest they sound. Look at the competition. These things will help you a lot in weeding down the bad actors. You can trust Burbank movers to help you.

Mistake #3: You Underestimate Packing

The truth is that the move itself is not that big of a deal. Sure, you have to carry somewhat heavy boxes and load them on a truck, but so what? That is not the most time-consuming thing, neither the most tedious.

Most of your issues will come when you start packing. Maybe you have forgotten to buy proper packing supplies. Maybe you have not estimated how many boxes you need. Or maybe you have not left yourself enough time to finish everything.

Always make sure that you give proper attention to packing. Go online and find advice on the proper packing techniques, which will not only help you save yourself some time, but you will also have peace of mind that everything is going smoothly. After all, you don’t want broken items, right?


Moving is tough, but it does not have to be overly difficult. It all depends on how much effort you put into planning, researching and proper preparation. We hope you take our advice and put it to good use during your next move!