2 Renovation Tools You Should Have In 2018


I think you will agree with me when I say that it doesn’t matter if you just bought a new house, or still live at your old house, you will need to make renovations all the time.

Hiring a professional is not bad and it will save you a lot of time. But if you are on a really tight budget you can’t afford one for every object. So, instead, you can try to re-paint them all by yourself. I know it may look really difficult or even impossible to do it but trust me when I say that with a few google search you can find the right way to make your objects look new again

In the market, there are a lot of different tools which will make your job much faster and easier. Since I have done this job a lot of time I can recommend you these two cheap tools which will help you get amazing results.

Heat Guns

I know that you are wondering how can heat gun help you renovate things. But they are really important and I mostly use them to remove paint from an old object.

The heat gun is a “must” especially if you want to make old objects look new again. Usually, objects look old just because their color has vanished or the quality of color isn’t as good as it was before, so using the heat that heat gun blow you can remove paint from almost any wood material.

But it doesn’t stop here, with heat guns you can actually fix a lot of things as well. Especially if you want to remove any stickers from your objects, or you can use them on objects that need to get heated before working on it. The opportunities are endless.

Of course, just like every tool, there are low-quality tools and high-quality tools. If you buy low quality heat gun you will end up paying more money for only one tool than you would pay for a professional. Usually, heat guns with LCD screen are the best. But, choosing the best heat gun with LCD screen is not that easy. Make sure to make a few google search and read some reviews before buying a model.

LVLP/ HVLP spray guns

You can remove paint from an old wood object but they still will look old, right? But removing paint from a wood object is just the first step. In order to make the object look fresh and new, you will have to re-paint it.

And the best way to do it is to use spray guns. There are a lot of different spray guns that you can use, but I mostly use LVLP and HVLP spray guns because they are more affordable and their color quality is the best.

After you remove the color from your wood object, make sure to choose one good color you always wanted to paint that object and start spraying. You may need two or three layers of spray in order to make the color quality better.

Of course, just like for every tool there are good and bad models. If you want to choose the best HVLP spray gun for woodworking make sure to read all the reviews you can on internet.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter how many times you avoid the “Renovation” job, you still will need to do it sometime. So, when you decide that the time has come, make sure to buy high-quality tools in order to get high-quality results. If you want to see the top models for each of these two tools then make sure to visit https://trustedr.org