Pool Cleaner: Important Facts You Should Know


A good pool cleaner is a valuable tool for any pool owner. From large public pools to small above ground pools they all use pool cleaners. Its function is simple. It vacuums debris and cleans that the bottom of pools. Despite its simple function, there is a wide variety of models and accessory. Models can range from simple vacuums to automated robotic pool cleaners. It’s a piece of technology helps any pool owner.

Pool cleaners can help save pool owners money and have a positive environmental impact. Proper maintenance of a pool can help reduce the amount of water used. If a pool is cleaned regularly the need to drain and refill pools should be reduced significantly. Having to refill pools less, saves pool owners money in their water bills. Best pool vacuum are also beneficial for the environment because it cuts back on a pool’s annual water usage. Another way a pool cleaner can save money is on pool chemicals. Regularly using a pool cleaner to remove debris helps cut back on chemicals. Every time water is added, chemicals must also be added to balance the pools PH level so it stays clean.

Another way a pool cleaner can save on chemicals is it removes debris like leaves that can cause a pool to appear green or cloudy. In order to make the pool water clear again additional chlorine or other expensive chemicals may need to be added. Reducing the amount of chemicals used can save significant money over time, using fewer chemicals also has a positive environmental impact. If it’s a pool with a liner a pool cleaner helps protect it and keeps it in good shape. Pool cleaners can also pick up sharp debris in a pool which reduces the chance of incurring the cost associated with punctures and tears. Worst still, if there is any sharp debris on the floor of the pool someone can get hurt. This can be a major liability for any pool owner.

Nobody wants to swim in a dirty pool, a clean pool is more inviting for everyone. Whether it’s a private pool or commercial pool, owners want their guest to have the best possible experience. A private or residential pool owner may want to leave a good impression on friends and family. Commercial pool owners want to leave a positive impression on customers. For public swimming pools, one of the things customers most look for is cleanliness. A customer may not return if they found filth on the bottom of the pool. A dirty pool reflects badly on the business. Routine cleaning goes a long way when establishing a good reputation. In today’s era with review sites like “Google Reviews” and “yelp” making sure customers have the best possible experience is crucial. More and more people consult these sites and apps before deciding where to take their business. Many potential customers could be swayed not to come by just reading one negative review. A pool cleaner goes a long way in making any pool more presentable.

In today’s era, pools see more traffic than ever before so a pool cleaner makes an owners life easier. The more people that visit and swim in a pool contribute to the debris and dirt found on the bottom of the pool. Private pool owners may find cleaning to be less of a chore with the help of a pool cleaner. For commercial pool owners having a good pool cleaner makes keeping a pool clean easier. A good cleaner can help to significantly speed up the cleaning process. In today’s time, there are even robotic pool cleaners, which save even more time! If a commercial pool owner has staff, a pool cleaner can save time which also saves money. Staff can instead focus their time on other important tasks.

It’s important for pool owners of any size pool to make sure their pools are clean and sanitary. A pool cleaner helps clean debris out of a pool which makes it easier on the filter. The pool filter system is a very expensive component of any pool. Excess debris can cause damage and unnecessary strain on a pool’s filtration system which is an important component of a sanitary pool. Debris can quickly fill a filter basket which affects the chlorine effectiveness and flow of the water; this can have a negative effect on the water’s PH balance. Proper water flow and ph balance are key for having a clean pool.

There is a multitude of diseases people can contract from being in contact with an unclean pool. According to the CDC, there is a number of recreational water illnesses also known as RWI’s (“Healthy”). They also state one common RWI is Giardia, which causes digestive issues and a clean pool can limit how long this parasite can survive in the water (“Parasites”). No owner wants to see their customers fall ill from something they contracted in their pool. It also becomes a liability if the pool was not properly maintained. Pool cleaners by keeping water clean, help maintain a healthy swimming area and helps to cut down on the number of RWI’s.

Pool cleaners serve a crucial role in any pool owners collection of tools. It makes it easier to help maintain the cleanliness of pools which have many positive benefits. It helps save water, makes cleaning easier in today’s era, helps create a positive experience for swimmers and guest, and keeps pools sanitary and swimmers healthy. A pool cleaner may be easy to overlook but its a key part of any successful pool. A pool cleaner is an important tool for any pool owner looking to have a positive experience in today’s era.