Green is Still In: 5 Ways to Create an Eco-Friendly Bedroom


Sleep has a ton of benefits to offer. It promotes longevity, improves memory, reduces stress and risk of depression, promotes heart health, improves sex drive and a lot more. There is no doubt, every human being badly needs a good night sleep.

However, according to a new study conducted in the Centers for Disease and Prevention’s (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Report that more than a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. There are a lot of factors that hinder in getting enough amount of sleep. It might the nature of work or maybe the bedroom itself.

If you think your bedroom is hindering you in getting the sleep you need, probably it’s time you consider transforming it into a green and eco-friendly space. Check out the tips below.

Declutter Wisely

Before turning your bedroom into a green one, consider decluttering it first. A clutter-free room is itself relaxing in the eyes. Make sure there are no stacks of papers accumulated on the nightstand or pile of laundry pile on the chair or on the bed. If possible, recycle unnecessary papers, donate unwanted or unused clothing, give away your excess bedding, blanket, pillow or blankets.

Opt for insulated curtain or blinds to retain heat in the winter and keep your room cooler in the summer. It’ll cut down your heating and cooling costs.

Make a Wise Mattress Decision

The bedroom is named after one important piece of furniture, the bed. Choosing a green bed is a great place to start making your room greener.

Most mattresses in the market include flame retardants which are a no-no if you want to make your bedroom greener. Eco-friendly mattresses are made of all-natural latex, cotton, wool, hemp or bamboo. You can even opt for a certified organic mattress if your budget would allow you as they are quite expensive.

Check the materials of the mattress if all the components are organic. Some memory foam mattress are made with plant-based are made with plant-based materials thus reducing the use of petrochemicals. You might also consider purchasing spring and futon mattresses as they can also be made with natural products. If you want to buy online, check more information about mattresses in as they provide reviews about different mattresses.

On top of choosing an eco-friendly mattress, switching to organic bedding reduces your exposure to toxins and carcinogens. Harsh chemicals in your beddings can easily make its way directly to your bloodstream as your skin has no defense against them.

If you don’t want to pay extra for the organic cotton bedding, look for sheets and blanket that are 100% cotton. Avoid beddings that are stain resistant as they are treated with Teflon and beddings that do not need ironing as they are treated with formaldehyde. Flame resistant beddings should also be avoided as they are flame retardant.

Go for Non-toxic Paint and Floor Coverings

The floor should also reflect the eco-friendly lifestyle. If you can change the floor, opt for bamboo, hardwood or eco-friendly tile.

If you want to add some accent on the floor, go for a greener option like a rug. Most carpets use many petroleum-based processes and chemicals when formulated. If you prefer walking on the carpet without socks, you are exposing yourself to carcinogens.

The trapped dirt, dust particles and other irritants stuck that can aggravate allergies makes it difficult for a traditional carpet to clean. Better choose organic area rugs that can be vacuumed or shaken outdoors to get rid of allergens.

It is also extremely important how the room is painted. The biggest source of toxins is often lurking in your walls. Not only do these conventional paints damage the environment, but prolonged exposure can cause respiratory illness, aggravates allergies and a lot of other health problems.

When choosing a paint for your bedroom walls, choose low-VOC or no-VOC low paints. The VOCs((volatile organic compounds) are potentially dangerous chemicals that can off-gas chemicals for years.

If you are living in a congested or traffic-ridden area with little access to fresh air, putting a green plant in your bed is what the doctor would advise you. Houseplants help with oxygen levels and air quality in your home.

Recycled or Natural Furniture

Now, let’s move beyond the bed. It is also of extreme importance to ensure that another furniture in your bedroom is eco-friendly.

Recycling old furniture or buying a second hand is a healthier choice when you want to add accessories because any toxic finishes have already off-gas for a lot of time. However, if you want to buy new, look for furniture that uses recycled furniture that uses recycled materials or sustainably harvested wood. Opt for pieces with low VOC paints, finishes, and glues.

One easy way to recycle while furnishing your bedroom is by utilizing second-hand furniture. From beds to dressers to nightstands, you can typically find gently worn hand-me-down bedroom furniture.

Calming Scents

Give yourself a sleep treat by adding some pleasant smell to your bedroom. Mix a few drops of oils like chamomile and lavender to freshen up the air for a sweet-smelling dream.

Avoid using the aerosol spray as they come with unpleasant complications for the environment and your indoor air. Instead of using canned scents opt for essential oils as mentioned above.

The cleaning products could also affect the quality of the air you are breathing. Use natural cleaning products that are safe. Avoid using toxic chemicals when cleaning your area rugs. Eco-friendly wood polished will keep toxic chemicals out of the air and phosphate-free detergents will keep your sheets soft and clean without leaving behind toxic chemicals that can irritate your skin.

Screened windows and fans are also a green at alternatives you want to improve the ventilation of your room. Air conditioners are known to in circulating germs and microorganisms that cause breathing problems. Legionnaire’s Disease, an infectious disease that produces high fever and pneumonia sometimes takes residence in air conditioning systems. This bacteria easily spread in the presence of warm water and stagnant water. Some AC units use circuits cooled with water which promotes its growth. The bacteria multiply and then release in the air.


Health is wealth and living greener and eco-friendly is the best way to ensure that our health is not compromised. Be conscious not just in what you eat and what you drink but also in the air you breathe, the mattress you sleep on and the beddings and furniture you use.

Before dressing your bedroom the design you want, make sure you are not turning it into a place that will give you health problems in the end. You spend a third of your life in bed. Turning it into a safe haven is beneficial to you and to your family.