How To clean And Lubricate A Sliding Glass Door


Many homeowners are upgrading from traditional doors to sliding glass doors for many reasons. However, it does not take long for them to discover how difficult they are to maintenance. Contrary to belief, keeping a glass door clean can be challenging, especially when young children and pets are living in the home. And, this is not to mention other maintenance tasks, such as lubricating the hinges. Whatever the case may be, sliding glass doors can definitely beautify a home in more ways than one. So, learning how to clean and lubricate them properly should be a priority and not an issue. If you ask any professional working at a shower doors shop in New Jersey, they will tell you that achieving perfection is difficult or impossible without the proper cleaning solution and supplies.

Cleaning Methods

There are several ways to clean glass doors, but not all of these methods are suitable for every situation. Just wiping the glass down with a cloth is not enough, since there is always the risk of streaking. No, it will take more effort and the proper cleaning solution and process to ensure a spot-free shine. Every cleaning method starts with the removal of dirt and debris. This can easily be done with a damp cloth. The next steps are more tedious because they determine the outcome.

Cleaning Supplies

You may be under the impression that cleaning a glass door only requires glass cleaner and paper towels. Well, this is a misconception that many individuals believe until they actually have glass doors installed in their homes. While some people prefer store-bought glass cleaners, others prefer to make their own. Mixing white vinegar and distilled water together makes the best glass cleaning solution, plus it will save you some money.

Other cleaning supplies include microfiber cloths, old newspapers, dusting brush, dusting cloths, squeegee and lint-free cloths. Start by removing the dust from the frame, sill and glass, then follow up with the cleaning solution.

Lubrication Process

Lubricating a glass door is a time-consuming process that not only requires physical strength, but an extra set of hands. Fortunately, this process does not need to be repeated more than once or twice a year. The first step involves the removal of any blinds or drapes from the door. The next step involves the removal of the door from the track, which will require a team of two or more strong individuals.

Once the door is free, it should be placed on a surface that is easy to access. Sawhorses would work great for this particular purpose, because they will give you complete access to the track wheels located on the bottom of the door.

Utilize a vacuum cleaner and brush to remove the debris from the track and wheels. Once this task is complete, it will be time to lubricate the wheels or rollers. Most experts recommend utilizing a non-stick silicone lubricate for this process, because it will eliminate any risk of further sticking. Be sure to lubricate the tracks prior to replacing the door.