Commercial Pest Control Services: All You Need To Know


Let’s get the niceties out of the way: Your commercial business space will never, ever be 100% pest free.

Accept it—and together let’s shift from problem, to solution!

Pest control services that tend to your commercial space are angels sent from above. There’s no stone they won’t over turn to get your vicinity as pest-free as possible.

This guide will help you identify whether or not you’re in need for a pest control service and how to go about finding the right one.

Signs That You Need It

When it comes to business spaces, identifying the right time to call in commercial pest control can be tricky.

Most pests usually keep their distance during work hours when they’re aware of the presence of many humans. They prefer to come out to play once everyone has gone home and they’re safe to roam free.

Because of this, it may take a while before the presence of pests is even brought to your attention. However, just be vigilant: Over time there will be clear signs of pest activity to let you know that something else goes on when the premises is quiet.

There are a few simple points to keep in mind that will help you identify a pest problem before it’s
too late.

Scratching & Rustling

This will be more obvious in a quiet commercial space but is definitely a factor to keep in mind.

If you hear unsolicited movement, scratching or rustling about in the ceiling; you’ve probably got pests! Some pests prefer to operate from within the walls, so keep an ear out for this too.

Obviously this kind of indication is more commonly experienced with pests of greater size. Smaller pests, such as ant colonies or cockroaches aren’t heavy enough to cause such noises.


Ah, a good old pest sighting. What more do you need first thing on a Monday morning?

Pest sightings can occur within a commercial space at any time. There are so many nooks and crannies in which they can move about — sighting one is sure to happen sooner rather than later.

You probably dread it, however, it’s probably the most viable way to confirm your suspicions.

A single sighting, however, isn’t necessarily cause to sound the alarm. While it is likely there are more lingering nearby, you should wait for further proof before bringing in pest control services for a single rat.

Unusually Larger Rodents

If the rodents on your commercial premises are of unusually larger than you know the species to usually be, then it’s a sure indication that they are eating!

If they are eating, then they are returning. And probably with friends.

In the same breath, rodents pose as predators to other, smaller pests. So if it isn’t food that is attracting them to your offices then it’s other pests. Cringe!

Larger rodents are a sure sign that you’re probably in the midst of a pest problem. In this case, take the early initiative to seek out commercial pest control services.


A great (we use this word sarcastically) indicator that your premises is no longer pest-free.

Droppings and urine are physical signals that there is alternate life on your property. Droppings will be easier to see, while urine will only be smelt.

The problem with both of these indicators is the health risks they pose to the humans sharing the space. Enough exposure to the toxic nature of pest droppings can cause illness.

When you come across either of these elements, pest control needs to be called in ASAP!

What Does It Entail?

Pest control services entails the management and elimination of pests within a designated area.

A qualified pest control company will come in and begin to locate & remove pests of any origin using a variety of techniques. Some services will use toxic methods of eradication; Others may be more cruelty free oriented.

Some important points to consider when selecting a pest control service for your commercial space would be:

  • Is the company legally registered to provide this service?
  • Is the procedure going to be safe for all your employees?
  • Are the products used approved by health and safety entities?
  • Is this company trusted within the pest control industry? How many years have they been in this business?

When a pest control service is brought in they will likely request that the offices be 100% clear of human life while the procedures take place. Most pest control services operate at night and won’t require much disruption to the work day.

This, however, is largely dependent on the extent of the pest problem. More severe cases may re
quire evacuation of the premises for a lengthy periods while the job is done.

Following Up

It isn’t enough to employ the services of pest control just once. Effective pest management and eradication requires frequent check-ups & replacement of pest deterring devices.

A quality pest control service will provide the full package for long term management.

Last Thoughts

If you’ve found yourself in need of the services mentioned above—we’re sorry! However, be thankful that a tried and tested solution to the problem exists & is within your reach.

Our advice; stay actively informed on the pest situation of your commercial space. Act sooner rather than later.

In this modern age you don’t have let a little pest get the better of you!