18 Ways to Bring The Natural Elements to Home Interior: Feel Soothing and Fresh in Your Room with Natural Touch


roohome.com – The presence of natural nuances in the house is very influential on comfort. Natural nuances bring freshness and serenity that can make you feel that home is the perfect place to rest. Usually, people would start with something alive like a plant. However, you can also incorporate some other natural elements such as wood, natural stone, rattan, and so on. It would be great if you can use it as a decorative. So, it will not only give comfort to your home but also make the appearance look pretty. And, in this article, we have provided 18 Ways to Bring The Natural Elements to Home Interiors you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

1. Green Bathroom Design

natural bathroom
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White is often the color of choice for a room. It can make the room look neutral, natural, and bright. But, to make your bathroom feel fresh, you can combine white with green. These are the great colors that will make your bathroom feel like you are in nature. Here, you just need to add some natural touches like plants. Choose small plants to decorate the area above the mirror. And, the medium plants for the sides of the bathroom.

For the bathroom, choose indoor plants that can survive in humid air. It would be better to use plants that can live with minimal sunlight. That way, you do not have to bother caring for plants and keeping them fresh.

2. Beautiful Wicker Wall Decor

wicker wall decor
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As the main spot in the room, make the best use of the walls. Do not leave a blank wall without any decorations. Choose wall decorations that can bring natural nuances into the room. Like this one idea that uses a wicker wall decor. Its simple appearance makes it very suitable to decorate this minimalist living room. This decoration makes the living room look pretty and harmonious.

Besides that, wicker displays a natural brown color that can blend with the natural colors in the room. The combination of gray and brown provides perfect serenity and makes the living room a comfortable room for relaxing or just hanging out with family.

3. Dominant Wood Material

wood material
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Bring the natural ambiance into your living room smoothly. That way, it can look unified and harmonious. Not only that, but the aesthetic value of the living room also increases.

No need for a complicated and troublesome method. You only need to choose living room furniture made of wood. The wooden coffee table is the right choice. You can also choose a chair or sofa with legs made of wood. And, if you want to make the wood more dominant in the room, installing beams is a very appropriate idea.

Even though the amount of wood used seems small, the application that spreads makes it look dominant. The color and texture of the wood also look more stand out thanks to white which is the main color in the living room.

4. Open-Plan Concept with Natural Ambiance

natural ambince
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Applying an open-plan concept is one way to make a house feel wider. With no walls as a barrier requires you to apply the same interior concept. If you want to bring a natural ambiance to your living room, then you have to bring it to the dining room and the kitchen too.

The gray color is very appropriate to be the basic color of the room. This can make the appearance natural but not too bright and dazzling. Maximum natural lighting makes the natural impression look deeper.

Give a touch of natural elements to the room. Decorate several corners of the room with refreshing green plants. Also, hang some rattan pendant lights in the living room and kitchen area. Then, use a wicker rug as a visual divider.

5. Natural Built-in Shelves

natural decors
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Make one spot in your room look beautiful with natural elements. You can take advantage of the built-in shelves in the room. First of all, make it look natural by choosing beige as the main color. This color can make this spot bright and calm at once.

Make this spot become natural by installing wooden shelves. Then, fill this spot with some decorations made from natural materials. You can use clay jugs, wooden bowls, wood plants, pictures with wooden frames, small wicker baskets, and so on.

6. Modern Rustic Interior Design

Modern Rustic Interior Design
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This modern rustic room looks so beautiful with a selection of neutral colors like white, gray, and a little black in the kitchen area. The soft white sofa looks stand out in the room and makes it look bright and natural. Moreover, the room also gets maximum sunlight.

Even though this room has a modern concept, you can still feel the rustic style clearly from the use of a wooden coffee table and also a wooden ceiling and beams. The dominant application of wood material brings warmth and serenity which are the characteristics of a rustic style room. It is just that, the wood material in this room has been polished and made smooth so it looks glossy when exposed to light.

7. Plants on The Wall

plants decor
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The natural ambiance in the living room can be felt very clearly. This is because of the wood material that predominates in the room. Wood is applied starting from the floor, walls, to the ceiling. The value of beauty only depends on the natural motifs and textures of the wood. Therefore, it needs more touches so that the room does not look pale and stiff. And, presenting something refreshing there is a very appropriate idea.

Choose a wall area as a spot to decorate. Create a wall pot using wood. Then, fill it with green plants there. If you want to make the texture of the wall stand out, you can decorate it with LED light. Choose yellow lighting that can help the wood to send out warmth which can make the living room feel cozier.

8. Simple Indoor Garden

indoor garden
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Having a garden in your house does not always mean having extra land. You can also create a garden in your house, or we can call it an indoor garden. The freshness given will be the same as the garden outside the house. It is just that, you have to be careful in choosing plants because not all plants can survive with minimal sunlight, water, and moist air.

Set aside more space on the side of the room where there are windows to serve as an indoor garden. That way, plants can still get sunlight for them to photosynthesize. For the base, use white pebbles stones that can make it look natural. Choose a few plants from medium to large size. Place the plants in the pots and arrange them neatly.

9. Combine Two Natural Materials for The Living Room

natural materials
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Usually, wood material is the mainstay for home interiors. It can bring a natural ambiance that feels soothing and fresh. But, it would be great if you combine it with natural stones. This will enhance the natural nuances in your home perfectly. These combinations provide soothing colors that can make your living room the most comfortable room in the house.

You can install wood for the walls, ceiling and floor. However, for the walls of the fireplace area, apply natural stone like the picture above. The natural stone wall not only gives a calm and fresh natural feel to the living room but also gives the effect of a solid room.

Make the natural feel of the living room present perfectly by installing large windows to maximize sunlight. Also, decorate the corner of the room with a large plant.

10. Stone Features Wall

stone wall
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Because of the humid air in the bathroom, mold often damages the paint on the walls. The impact, you have to repaint the wall with the new paint. This not only takes up more of your budget but also takes up your time. Therefore, the right solution is to use natural stone for the wall.

The color and texture given by natural stone has become a decoration for the bathroom itself. That way, you do not need to add various kinds of decorations to it. It would be better to keep the bathroom looking simple so that you can feel a soothing clearly.

The effect given by natural stone walls tends to be warm and full of serenity. If you can provide natural lighting, it will feel fresh too. You only need a little touch of natural green by placing a small plant in the toilet area. That way, natural nuances feel clearer there.

11. Large Rattann Pendant Lamps for The Kitchen

rattan pendant lamps
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Lamps are not only a source of light for the night. You can also use this as a decoration that can add to the aesthetic value of your kitchen. As in this one idea that uses a rattan pendant light for the kitchen island area. Due to its large size, you only need to use two rattan pendant lamps for the large kitchen island.

The natural brown color of the rattan brings warmth to the room. Moreover, the kitchen interior is made shadier by making gray the main color. The combination of these colors makes you feel the perfect calm in the kitchen area. That way, you can cook more comfortably there.

12. Showing Off Rough Textured Wood

rough wood
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For contemporary and modern designs, wood materials usually have a smooth and glossy surface. So, it looks sleek in the room. But, if you want to bring an old impression to your bathroom, then keep the wood with its original texture and color. This will drastically change the look and feel of your bathroom.

This idea is perfect for the minimalist bathroom. Some items and corners of the room have smooth surfaces. So, when the rough wooden vanity is presented, the rough texture of the wood will be seen very clearly. You can also add more rough wood by installing it on the beam and ceiling, or you can also use a small wooden table for putting your towel.

13. Timber as Bedroom Wall Accent

timber wall accent
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Make the bedroom look aesthetically pleasing by playing on the wall. Here, you can add some interesting displays and match with the interior of the room. Or, you can also make an accent wall which can provide more texture and a more attractive appearance for the bedroom.

Timber is the safest material for you to use for the bedroom. The installation is also quite easy. Install the timber vertically to give the illusion of a taller wall. You can install it on a quarter of the wall to make it look more attractive.

Enhance the color and texture of the timber by hanging three pendant lights at different heights. Also hang a small plant that can help wood emit its natural effect in the bedroom.

14. Feel Soothing in The Dark Natural Bedroom

dark natural bedroom
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A bedroom full of serenity is much needed. A calm atmosphere can make your sleep more quality. Not only that, you can also rest more comfortably there. And, to make a perfect soothing bedroom, make this room look a little darker. Also, bring natural materials that can change the feel of the room to be calm, warm, and comfortable.

Bring gray naturally to the room by choosing a concrete wall and ceiling. Use wood material for floors and also bedframes. In the wall area, you can use natural stone which can give an interesting abstract texture. That way, you no longer need decorations to enliven the room. So, keeping it simple will make the bedroom feel more soothing and comfortable.

Maintain a shady impression on the bedroom by illuminating it with warm or yellow lighting. This light is also great for making the brown color of the wood look more vibrant.

15. Natural Wood Cabinets for The Laundry Room

natural wood cabinet
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Laundry room may be a room that is not exposed because it is only used for laundry. In fact, some people let their laundry room look messy. Of course, this is not very good for the beauty of your home. Even though it is an unexposed room, you also have to make the laundry room look neat, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Make the laundry room a beautiful and comfortable by bringing the natural elements there. Begin to choose a cabinet made of wood. Light wood is best for maintaining brightness in this room.

For the open cabinet, use a basket to store your stuff. Wicker basket is a great item to choose from. The natural brown color will look blended with the wooden cabinet in the room and make the appearance more harmonious. For freshness of the room, place a small green plant right next to the sink.

16. Make The Kid’s Room Feel Like in The Forest

natural kids room
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Besides comfort, a kid’s bedroom must also be made as beautiful as possible. Present several colors in a kid’s bedroom to train their motor skills. You can also make a bedroom like in the forest. That way, when entering the bedroom, children will feel like camping in a forest. Make this illusion even more realistic by adding items with animal shapes or images such as lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants, and so on.

For colors, green and white are the most appropriate for the interior. The kid can feel te freshness like in the real forest. Use a bed designed like a tent. Make it comfier by doing layered bedding. And, for the floor, you can use a wicker rug to make the room look more natural. Also put a plant right in the corner of the room.

17. Exposed Brick Walls Make The Living Room Feel Fresh and Alive

exposed brick wall
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Enliven your living room by installing exposed brick wall. No need to do it all over. All you have to do is select one side of the wall to apply the exposed brick wall to. And, the wall right behind the couch is the most appropriate. This is the main spot and focus in the living room. So, when entering the living room, people will immediately see the beauty from the exposed brick wall.

The exposed brick wall brings a vibrant color that enlivens the living room. The red or orange color in the room looks clearer due to white as the main color. Besides that, the windows on the side walls allow light to enter and hit the bricks directly. It is great to make the color of the brick look more stand out.

The texture of the exposed brick wall itself is actually enough to enhance the appearance of the living room. But, if you want to make it prettier, add simple touches like hanging on the small pictures there.

18. Timber for The Bathroom Wall

timber bathroom wall
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This modern bathroom has a serenity due to the black being the main color. The jet black color with lighting from natural light makes the bathroom look natural. Moreover, there are also timbers installed on all the walls of the room. Vertical application gives the illusion of a higher wall and make the room feel more spacious.

The color and texture of the timber that is mounted on the wall looks so attractive. This is already decorate the bathroom itself. So, you do not need to decorate it with some items. That way, the appearance of the bathroom will look simpler and peace can be more perfect there.

Due to the high walls, sunlight cannot illuminate the upper area of the room. Therefore, additional light is needed. Install LED light on each side of the ceiling. Choose a yellow lighting that can make the brown color of the wood look livelier and warmer.

Final Words

Bringing natural elements to the home interior is one way to create a comfortable home. Natural elements bring calm and freshness that can make you feel calm at home. It is just that, in presenting natural elements to the room is not arbitrary. There are several aspects that must be considered starting from the layout, color of the room, lighting, and the room design. And, the points above are 18 Ways to Bring The Natural Elements to Home Interiors that will help you a lot.