Searching for New Years’ Party Ideas? Here are a Few to Get You Started


The eve of the New Year is a time for reflection, thankfulness, and celebration at the endless possibilities that a New Year holds in store. Parties usually cap off the year both in bachelor/spinster households as well as family homes and with these parties, hosts try to be as elaborate and conscientious as possible with their interior design. This may either be to impress their guests or to make a statement of their commitment to the celebrations at hand.

Either way, here are some interior design and furniture ideas that will surely keep your place at the top of the list for next year’s holidays as well.

Sofa Pillows         

Few things of this size make this much of an impact on the overall living room design aesthetic. Spice up a drab sofa by infusing it with multiple, different colored pillows for a more pleasing color and texture mix. They make the space more homely, put visitors at ease and make a sofa more than the sum of its parts.


Transitional spaces in the home see the most foot traffic but ironically, get the least amount of love. This is not concomitant to their importance and leads to some inconsistency in home design. Roll up a fancy carpet of your favorite (not out of place) color and watch that space bubble with character.

Don’t be scared of colors

Remember that New Year’s is a colorful celebration in every sense of the word and so, do not be scared to infuse your space with more color. Pick up wall hangings of different shapes and sizes, change out that gray carpet for a more vibrant red, cyan, or purple one and hang up some paintings to fill the space with more dynamism and drama.

Mix it up with new furniture

Buying furniture doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking and that certainly isn’t the angle we are going for here. A simple, classy futon, a raffia knit chair, a well-placed ottoman, and even something as simple as a teakwood shelf can go a long way to break up hard lines for some design spontaneity.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights define how we visually perceive everything we lay our eyes on, from people to furniture to walls. Lighting plays a huge role in the interior design cohesion of any space. For the New Year’s, splurge on a set of multicolor, hang-up lights to spice up the visuals in your apartment or house. Remember though, yellower lights flatter the skin tone and whiter, more washed-out lights don’t. The pendant lights will be a great idea to go with.

There you have it. Many otherwise conscientious homeowners shy away from holiday redesigns because they see it as tedious, but this is a gross exaggeration. It can be the most rewarding experience to get your home brimming with joy and character just in time for the holidays. Steer towards a consistent interior design aesthetic and you won’t go wrong.