How to create a home office that you would be proud of?


Have you ever wanted to start your own home office, but never been sure where exactly to start? Many people seem to have this problem. A home office is perfect for university students, people who do a lot of their work at home and especially bloggers! I spend way too much time in bed doing my uni work and blogging on my ​machine learning workstations​, so a home office would be perfect for me! Here’s how to create a home office you’ll be proud of:

Good lighting

The first step is to ensure whatever room you decide to transform into your perfect home office has good lighting, especially if you’re someone who takes lots of photos or a beauty blogger who intends on doing their makeup in there. I’d recommend ensuring your desk is right under a window (or at least facing one) as that will give you the best lighting!

You’re probably going to be spending a lot of time working in your home office, so making sure it’s not dark and dreary is essential. Bright rooms tend to uplift people’s moods, so it should make getting your work done a lot easier and quicker.


It wouldn’t be your perfect home office if it didn’t have a few touches of your personality, would it?! Personalising your home office can range from a comfortable ​bespoke accent chairs​, record player if you like music, some makeup or perfume sitting on your desk if you’re a beauty blogger, or maybe even some greenery if that’s your thing.

I also recommend having some photos of your loved ones on your desk, just as you would in a standard work office. It’ll cheer you up when you’re tired of your work and feel like giving up, as well as reminding you, your loved ones are there for you when things get a bit tough.


If you’re a plant kinda gal our guy, I’d also definitely recommend having some greenery dotted about. Some small plants on your desk/windowsill and some bigger plants in the corners of your room will absolutely transform your working space. You can get fake plants if you can’t trust yourself to water them every day (like me, oops…) as you’re so busy with your work.


One of the most important things to me in a home office is having some cute prints placed on your wall. You can get some super cute ones from Desenio and I don’t think they’re too expensive either! This also links in with the personalisation aspect of your home office, and it should be one your priorities (in my opinion) on how to create a home office you’re proud of.

I hope these tips on how to create a home office you’re proud of help you out a little! What are your top tips on how to create a home office? Let me know down in the comments! I’d also love to know if you guys have a home office yourselves, as I’m thinking of creating one myself (at the moment it’s a part of my bedroom, and I can get a little bored staring at the same 4 walls…)


Author Bio: Sophie, a beauty and mental health blogger, wrote this as a guest post for us on how to create a home office you’ll be proud of.’