Tips to Make Your Balcony Look Gorgeous and Comfortable

602 – Currently the apartment is a place of residence that is in great demand by people. Its place in the middle of the city makes it better than the house. In addition, the facilities in the apartment are much more complete, such as a gym, swimming pool, mini market, and others.

Although there are so many advantages that we will get by living in an apartment, the apartment also has weaknesses. As it is known that the area of the apartment is not so spacious. So, we will get bored easily when inside. But this can be overcome by making one place that is so comfortable and beautiful, one of which is a balcony.

For those of you who are interested in it, here we have provided the Tips to Make Your Balcony Look Gorgeous. So, let’s check it out!

Add The Couch and Coffee Table to The Balcony

Enjoying the urban scenery at night while enjoying warm drinks is very pleasant. Especially if accompanied by someone you care about. This will make your night so beautiful.

So, the first tip to make the balcony look gorgeous and comfortable is to add the couch and coffee table to the balcony. With the couch to the balcony, you don’t need to stand tired so you will be comfortable to linger on your balcony.

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Put The Rug

The second tip for making a balcony look gorgeous is by putting the rug under the couch. Rug not only makes your balcony look attractive but also gives the illusion to your small balcony so that the balcony looks bigger.

If the air at night is usually so cold and can make your legs shiver, using a rug is the solution. By using a rug, the balcony will feel warmer and of course, become more comfortable.

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Because the balcony is an open space, dust can be easily attached to the rug. Therefore, to keep the rug from fading and clean, you need to clean the rug regularly. Dust that clings to the rug will make the apartment look unkempt and uncomfortable.

Add The Beautiful Plant into The Balcony

It’s like something is missing if there are no plants on the balcony. Balcony without plants makes it look stiff and unattractive. In addition, by adding plants to the balcony, the balcony will look fresh and make it a comfortable place.

Plants for the balcony you can use small plants and put them in pots. If your balcony is minimalist in size, you can hang it on a pole or wall. Using a floating wall shelf and putting plants on it can also make a balcony look gorgeous and attractive.

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As it is known that plants not only need sunlight but also need water. Therefore, to keep the plants fresh and not withered you can water the plants regularly in the morning or evening.

Provide Lighting on The Balcony

Each room certainly requires light to make it look glowing at night, including balconies. You can add warm lighting to your apartment balcony. In addition to making the balcony look bright at night, warm lighting also makes the balcony look gorgeous. Besides that warm lighting creates a warm atmosphere so that makes the balcony a comfortable place.

There are various kinds of lighting that you can use to make apartment balconies look gorgeous and comfortable, such as string lights, beautiful lamps, candles and much more.

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