Tips Turning Small Room into A Comfy Bedroom

516 – In making the bedroom feel comfortable, we are sometimes hampered because the room is too small. The small room makes us could not decorate the room as we want. So that needs more effort and creativity in decorating the small room. Besides that, the first thing you should know is the tips for turning the small room into a comfy bedroom. So, for you who are interested to make your room feel cozy, you can follow these tips:

1. Selection of Bright Colors for The Room

One of the things that make the small room feel uncomfortable because of it easier to feel stuffy and cramped. Do you know that the colors used for the bedroom have an effect on the look and the ambiance of the bedroom? The use of dark colors only makes the bedroom feel narrower and cramped. So that very recommended applying the bright colors to the small bedroom. So, the first tip you must follow is to choose the bright colors for the room.

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2. Use The Furniture Needed

Probably for you who have a big room, it will be easier to decorate the room because you can place the items you want into the bedroom. But, how about the small room? Due to a lack of space, you could not use the furniture you want. But, it does not mean you could not make your small bedroom feel comfortable.

For the small bedroom, you can only use the furniture you needed, such as a bed, cupboard, table, mirror, and so on. By using the furniture needed, it also makes the bedroom look simple. In addition, you can save your money a lot.

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To make the bedroom feel comfortable, the cleanliness of the room must be considered. In every room, there will be dust sticking to the room items. By using the furniture needed makes it easier to clean and tidy the room. So, you do not need to spend your time a lot. You could use your time for the other activities.

3. Layered Bedding

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One of the ways in making the bedroom feel comfortable is to bringing the warm ambiance to the room. For you who have a small room, you are lucky. It is because will feel warmer more easily.

The bed is the main item in the bedroom. So, to make it feel comfortable is a thing you should do. There is a simple tip to make the bedroom feel comfortable. You only should give a touch to the bed, such as use the layered bedding. It will make the bed feel warm and also soft. So, the bed will feel comfortable.

In addition, this tip is an appropriate tip for you who live in a country that has cold climate. Or it can be applied for welcoming the winter. You will need thick bedding and blanket to make it feel warmer.

4. Place Some Pillows on The Bed

Still discuss the bed, in making the bed feel comfortable not only the layered bedding. Placing some pillows on the bed also will make your bed feel comfortable. When you are sleeping or only sitting on the bed while reading the book or playing your smartphone, you will need the pillow to make you feel comfortable to linger there.

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Besides making the bedroom feel cozy, using some pillows also can be used to make the room look more attractive. Some room designers use the pillows as a decoration to make the room look beautiful and not stiff. The trick is to choose some pillows with motifs that you like, such as stripes motif, flowers, and so on.

5. Use The Rug

In making the small bedroom feel comfortable, the rug is needed. So, the last tip Turning Small Room into A Comfy Bedroom is to use the rug. Placing the rug into the bed will produce a warm ambiance so this is that makes the room will be comfortable.

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In addition, the rug in the bedroom also affects the appearance of the room. It is the right tip to apply for the small room. By presenting the rug to the room, it will give an illusion so that the room will look more spacious.

Because the small room should use bright colors, so this is also applied for the rug. The right color for the rug is white. If you want to make it look more attractive, you can also use the rug that has simple patterns so that your small bedroom not only feel comfortable but also look beautiful.