Types of Windows That Suit Your Home Design


When building a home, the windows are an essential feature for various reasons. Windows not only provide an aesthetic value but are also a necessity for ventilation, sunlight, and a general sense of openness. When selecting the right window, it is important to keep in mind a few factors in order to make the right choice. The criteria to keep in mind are the location of the room, size of the room, the utility of the room, climatic conditions, etc. To make it easier for you, we’ve listed down the few common types of windows found in India –

1. Casement Windows

These are one of the most commonly found windows in India. Casement windows are excellent when it comes to aesthetics, ventilation, and overall performance. These windows are easy to install, they are hinged on one side, and swings open outwards. Sometimes wired mesh is attached to these windows to stop the entering of flies.

2. Metal Window Frame

Old metal-framed windows can be beautiful and form an intrinsic part of many historic buildings. These windows are usually made of steel or wrought iron. Metal windows are very cheap and have more strength and hence, nowadays are widely used in public buildings, private buildings, etc.

3. Double Hung Windows

One of the most popular styles for homeowners in India, a double-hung window can be operated from the top or bottom sash as it can conveniently slide up and down for ventilation. These windows are especially used in homes that want to keep the Colonial, Victorian, or Cape Cod look alive. These windows are popular because they have good ventilation capacity and also give the user the ability to control the airflow.

4. Awning Windows

Perfect for small spaces and places it rains a lot, awning windows are another favored design among Indian homes. Owing to its unique style and ventilation the awning windows have now become a popular choice to provide protection from seasonal debris (e.g., falling leaves) or rainfall and enhance ventilation.

5. Picture Window

A picture window is a stationary window that allows maximum amounts of light and a large landscape view of the outdoors. In most cases, these are fixed, hence it’s best for areas where airflow is not significant. Since they are fixed, they are less prone to air leakage than operable ones, but the large glass panes can lose or gain a lot of heat.

6. Sliding Windows

As the name suggests, slider types of windows move horizontally without opening outwards. These windows are an ideal choice for windows that face passageways and balconies. Most slider windows have two glass panels with one moveable side. You can decide whether you want the moveable pane on the right or the left side. This type of window is also found in buses, shop windows, etc.

7. Louvered Windows

Louver windows give a stylish look as well as ventilate your home well. These types of window openings are particularly popular in the tropical regions and hence, are found in several Indian homes. Louver means a window with flat sloping pieces of wood, metal, or glass across it to allow light and air to come in while keeping the rain out. However, these types of windows do not provide a view of the outside and so serve the sole purpose of ventilation, unless the windows are openable.

8. Skylight Windows or Roof Lanterns

Skylight windows are perfect in rooms that need a lot of light. These windows provide a direct opening in the ceilings for sunlight, and for stargazing at night. Open skylights date back to Roman historical architecture and are still found in several monumental buildings and structures. Nowadays, smaller skylights for homes are also a common fixture.

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