The Right Furniture for Small Spaces

190 – Having small spaces doesn’t mean you can’t make it look attractive. Indeed, in decorating small spaces you cannot use the items you want. However, by choosing the right furniture, the small spaces are not only attractive but also a comfortable and pleasant place. Here the right furniture for small spaces. So, let’s check it out!

Comfortable Small Couch

In a large room, it will be much easier in choosing what furniture we want. But, how about the small spaces? Of course, we must be selective in choosing what furniture fits and looks attractive for a small room.

In the use of sofas, a small sofa is highly recommended for small spaces. Its size adjusts to the room as if making a small room feel more spacious.

And for the small spaces, try to choose a couch without legs or short legs. Low couch makes it look small and comfortable.

Applying the right color to the couch can present the various shades you want. Like presenting a fresh and pleasant nuance by using a green couch, or a slightly muted nuance in gray.

Various cushions with beautiful motifs and colors help the couch look more attractive and make the small spaces a beautiful place.

Wood Open Shelving

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The small spaces make us have to optimize every available space. The use of some furniture will make the small spaces feel smaller and make them uncomfortable. So that the open shelving is the right furniture for use in small spaces.

Sometimes the room is so small that we inevitably combine it with other rooms. Combining 2 room functions into one is currently a trend. With this, the room looks and feels more spacious. However, to distinguish this room, the open shelving can be used as an alternative room divider with one another.

Si la entrada de tu casa está diseñada, que al llegar cualqu…

The open shelving can also be used as a place to display a variety of interesting displays and of course, add aesthetic value to the room.

The open shelving can also be used as a place to display a variety of interesting displays and of course, add aesthetic value to the room. Or you can also use this furniture to put various items so as not to be scattered, such as books, shoes, bags, etc.

Floating Shelf

Utilizing the wall as a medium in decorating the room is the right idea. Leaving the wall blank without any touch of decoration makes the room look stiff. And here, the floating shelf is one of the furniture that you can use.

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This furniture can be used as versatile furniture, such as displaying various interesting objects that have aesthetic elements, to put bottles in the bathroom so as not to be scattered about, put towels in the bathroom to look neat, put jars in the kitchen, and much more.


This one can be regarded as a sweetener of the room. The room seemed lacking without the presence of this item.

The rug has indeed become a common alternative in making the room look perfect, both small and large. However, the rug function in small spaces not only adds to the aesthetic value of a room but also gives an illusion as if the small spaces look wider.