25 Neutral Bedroom Ideas: It is Time To Feel Calming in Your Sleeping Room


roohome.com – Neutral bedroom is often interpreted as a room that is as it is, without decoration, and has a minimalist concept. In fact, the neutral room is not like that. Beauty remains an important point that is harmonized with comfort so that a room full of serenity is formed. Usually, neutral colors like white, black, gray, and beige are applied. And, to emphasize the neutral look, choosing furniture or decorations made from natural materials is an effective way that is often used as a shortcut. With this, the room will look neutral, beautiful, comfortable, and calm in an easier way.

Making the bedroom look neutral is one of the most effective ways to make this room become comfortable. Rest and sleep will be of better quality. It is just that, to create your dream serene bedroom, you have to know some references. That way, it will be easier to design or decorate a bedroom. And, in this article, we have provided 25 Neutral Bedroom Ideas. So, let’s check it out!

1. Black Wooden Wall with A Bit of Yellow Lighting

neutral bedroom
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Create warmth in the bedroom by utilizing wood materials. Install it on the wall so it becomes an attractive wall panel. If you want to make it clean and sleek, try painting it black. The black color exposed to natural lighting brings serenity to the room which makes it feel so comfortable.

However, if you want to make this neutral room feel comfortable and soothing at night, add a splash of yellow light there. You can install a small wall lamp with yellow lighting. It also becomes a wall decoration that enhances the look of the room. So, the walls do not need more decorations to become pretty.

2. Simple, Bright, and Calm with White

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White is an alternative color that you can choose to make your bedroom look neutral. The appearance given is naturally bright. Especially, if you can make natural light the main lighting of the room. It will increase the coziness of the bedroom.

Gray bedding is the right choice for this white bedroom. The combination of white and gray creates a calmer but slightly cooler look. Even so, it will be tricked by sunlight coming in through the window, bringing warmth into the room.

You only need to give a little touch of black in a few spots. It can reduce the stiffness of the room and make the neutral room look pretty too.

3. White Sheer Curtain for not Dazzling Bedroom

simple neutral bedroom
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Windows that are left open without decoration allow sunlight to enter the room very freely. Actually, this is not a problem if your room has a damper color like navy, black, or gray. However, too much lighting in the white bedroom nuances will cause an uncomfortable glare effect. Especially for those of you who do not like bright looks. Therefore, reduce the light entering the room by using a sheer curtain. The white sheer curtain also looks harmonious with the white wall of the bedroom. So, the look of the room becomes simple but still pretty.

4. Remove The Stiffness with Black as Accent

black accent
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It does not matter if you want to make your bedroom look neutral by applying white predominantly or throughout the bedroom. Starting from bedding, walls, rugs, furniture, and so on. It can make your bedroom look brighter and more spacious.

However, the dominant white color is also not good for the appearance of the room. It can make the look of this room become stiff and boring. Therefore, dark colors are needed to give a slightly firm impression and eliminate the rigid impression in the room. Here, you can choose black as an accent. Apply black to small items that are placed in several spots.

5. Beige and White Bringing Calmness into The Bedroom

beige neutral bedroom
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If you are bored with white but want the look of your bedroom to remain neutral, then choosing beige as the main color is the most appropriate idea. Beige is also a neutral color group. So, no problem to apply it predominantly. The appearance given to the bedroom is more shady so that the calm atmosphere feels thicker in the room.

The beige color is best combined with brown. This is a one-tone color so it will look matched and harmonious. The combination of beige and brown also brings warmth which can add comfort to your neutral bedroom.

6. Look Neutral with Japandi Design

japandi bedroom
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This Japandi bedroom design has a very thick calmness and warmth. The soft white color on the walls and bedding looks so blended with the beige pillowcases and duvet cover. These two colors bring calm and warmth to the room. And, with a minimalist concept, the bedroom has perfect serenity.

If you want to make it look attractive without disturbing the neutral impression in the room, you can add plants to the room. Choose a simple medium-sized plant and place it in the corner of the room. With light wood panels on half the walls, it looks so natural and fresh at once.

7. Cool and Simple Bedroom Nuances

cool neutral bedroom
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Men, maybe are very anti with a soft or warm look. Therefore, this idea might be very suitable for you (men) to choose from. The white-washed walls and white window frames made the walls look bigger. Sunlighting as the main lighting creates a naturally bright bedroom appearance.

The black color is presented more to reduce the dazzling from the white and natural lighting. The gray color chosen for bedding also has a darker shade so that it looks cooler and more masculine.

8. Elegant Neutral Bedroom Design

elegant room
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The neutral bedroom does not only have a very simple appearance. With this one idea, you can find a neutral bedroom with an elegant appearance. The beige color covers the whole bedroom, bringing warmth and serenity at the same time. The excessive use of fabric materials such as on bed frames, walls, and rugs strengthens the warm feel in the room.

What makes this room look elegant is the bedframe and upholstered wall panels. Not to forget the touch of gold on the pendant lamps which are hung on the right and left sides of the bed.

9. Modern Industrial Bedroom Design

modern industrial design
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The industrial design is perfect for those of you who like a cold room but are still warm, masculine, natural, and neutral. If you want to make it more up-to-date, you can combine industrial design with modern design.

The concrete wall makes the industrial look very thick in this room. There are also LED lights with yellow lighting on the wall paneling that bring warmth and also make the motif and texture of the concrete clearer.

The white color is removed in this one idea in order to create a room that is full of masculine and cool. There is only gray with a different shade combined with black. These two colors bring a perfect cool feel to the room. Even so, fabric and wood materials bring warmth so that the atmosphere in the bedroom becomes balanced.

10. Feel Cozy, Warm, and Fresh at Once

fresh bedroom
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Ivory white and beige makes this neutral bedroom look so soft. The wood material used as decoration turns this bedroom into a warm one. Half of the windows are closed with blinds to minimize natural light entering the bedroom. It is very good to maintain the brightness in the room so that it is not too dazzling. Also, the beige color can be seen in balance with the white color.

The large-size plant presents a green color that makes the bedroom look perfect. It brings freshness into the room and also removes the stiffness and makes the room feel more comfortable.

11. Black Small Lamp on The Headboard

headboard lamp
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This bedroom looks neutral with natural colors like black, white, and brown. The wooden headboard with a rough surface, displays the texture and color of the original wood. It makes the look of the bedroom more natural.

What makes this bedroom look attractive is a small lamp or table lamp placed above the headboard. This is lighting that can make you comfortable when reading before going to bed. Yellow lighting is much better for this lamp because it does not create a glare effect that can interfere with eye comfort when reading.

12. Low-Profile Bed for Small Bedroom

neutral small bedroom
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Applying white for the small bedroom is the most appropriate step. The white color will give a broad effect to the room so that it can feel comfortable. You just only need to illuminate the room with natural lighting. Therefore, leave the windows undecorated. In fact, you can use the window as a comfortable area in the bedroom by placing your bed next to the window. Here, you can enjoy the view from your bedroom.

Leave the walls empty without decorations to create a clean and minimalist bedroom. It will also present a calmness in the room.

Using the low-profile bed will give the illusion of taller walls. That way, this small neutral bedroom will feel more comfortable for you to use as a place to rest.

13. Feel A Little Fresh with a Small Plant

simple plant decors
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Easy to create freshness in a neutral room. By applying neutral colors, it is easy for you to make other colors stand out in the room. Especially if your room is made simple or minimalist. A decoration with a small size is easily visible to the eye. Like in this one idea where your focus will go straight to a beautiful little plant on the small table. Even though it is a little, the green color manages to bring freshness to the whole bedroom.

14. Playing with Natural Materials

natural materials
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Besides using natural colors, another easy way to create a neutral bedroom is by presenting natural materials. You can choose brown natural material to bring warmth.

Choose timber as the wall panel of the room. You can install it vertically. It can give the illusion of taller walls and make the bedroom feel more spacious.

By using the same timber for the headboard. The wall area and the bed area look so harmonious and unified. It makes the look of the room become more balanced and simpler.

The rattan pendant lamp, small table, and wicker jar complement the warmth and beauty of the room. The black wicker for the table gives a slightly firm impression which eliminates the rigid impression in the room.

15. Scandinavian Bedroom Design

scandinavian design
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One characteristic of Scandinavian design is the use of neutral colors. The most frequently used colors are white, gray, and black. Therefore, Scandinavian design rooms often look more neutral. As in this one idea, which uses white and gray to create a bright bedroom. A bit of black gives a firm but calm effect. And also, the black color manages to get rid of the stiff and boring impression in this minimalist Scandinavian bedroom.

Even though the feel of the room feels cold because of the combination of white and gray, you can also feel the heat from the use of increased fabric material and also wooden beside the table. Natural lighting that enters through the gaps in the sheer curtains also contributes to providing warmth while making the room feel more alive.

16. Bright Industrial Bedroom Design

industrial bedroom design
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This industrial bedroom has a bright appearance with white which is made dominant and also maximum natural lighting. The white color is applied starting from the ceiling, walls, to the floor. And the large windows are deliberately undecorated so as to allow sunlight to enter freely and illuminate the room very well.

There is a black decoration beside the bed which can reduce the glare effect from the use of white and also maximum lighting. Gray and brown bedding makes the room look neutral. These colors also bring warmth to the room and make it feel comfortable. Next to the bed, there is a small wooden table for you to put your books on.

17. Black and White Neutral Bedroom

black and white bedroom
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Black and white is the right color combination. White gives a bright impression and black vice versa. However, if you want to keep your room bright, use black as an accent where the ratio of white to black is higher.

Apply black on the wall directly behind the bed. This is the main spot in the bedroom that will make the black look stand out. Keep it simple by hanging a simple picture and a minimalist wall lamp. For other walls, you can make exposed brick walls and paint them white. It can show brightness in the room and create a texture that makes the room look attractive so you no longer need a display for the wall.

18. Minimalist White Small Bedroom

minimalist neutral bedroom
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Make your bedroom look neutral and minimalist with shades of white. You can apply white to the ceiling, walls, floors, to bedding. And, if you want to present other colors in this room, use natural elements. A wooden bedframe and a bedside table are the most appropriate to choose from. Let the colors and textures of the wood decorate the room. Some plants in the corner of the room and bedside area bring freshness and also make the room feel more alive. It is also a great decoration to remove a bit of a stiff impression on the room. And, for the wall area, keep it simple by hanging a black-and-white picture with a white frame.

19. Wooden Wall as an Accent

wooden panel
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Making the neutral bedroom look simple can bring peace that makes you feel comfortable when resting. Try to apply the minimal decoration. You do not need a painting or picture to beautify the room. Enhance the room by using timber that is installed vertically on the wall. It brings texture and another color to the room which makes it look attractive without interfering serenity of the room. If you want to add something more attractive there, you can install two small wall lamps which are aligned vertically to the bedside table. The gold wall lamp can give a bit of an elegant impression to this minimalist neutral bedroom.

20. Neutral Classic Bedroom Design

classic design
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A classic touch to a neutral bedroom brings a more attractive elegant impression. The room is decorated with a bit of gold on the table lamp on the window, curtain pole, and pendant lamp. What strengthens the classic feel of the room are the beautiful intricate carvings on the ceiling and ceiling list. With gray walls, the white ceiling and ceiling list look clearer in the room.

Because there are beautiful carvings that decorate and beautify the bedroom, you no longer need to bother yourself with decorating this room. You can keep it simple. That way, the neutral classic bedroom design has a calm and comfortable atmosphere. However, if you want to enhance the wall of the room, you can choose small abstract painting. Use a black frame so it can stand out on the graywashed wall.

21. Masculine Neutral Bedroom Nuances

masculine room
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This bedroom idea has a masculine nuance that is perfect for men. The combination of white and gray creates a cool feel. There is also a touch of black on the bed area, bedside table, and walls which gives a bold effect to the room. And, all of these colors look clear and alive in the presence of maximum sunlight.

The walls are kept minimalist by only hanging two pictures with black frames. They look good on the gray-washed walls. And, even though it is simple, the room is still warm and comfortable with the gray rug. This item also gives the illusion of space in the bedroom.

22. Neutral White Bedroom

neutral white bedroom
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The ceiling, walls, and floor are made sleek in white, creating a minimalist and bright bedroom. With the presence of wood and rattan materials, it becomes a neutral look. There are two green plants beside the tables. The natural green color of plants brings freshness and is also effective for removing the stiff and boring impression of a very simple neutral bedroom. That way, you can be there comfortably and feel calm when relaxing in the bedroom.

23. Plants as Decoration Bringing Freshness

fresh room
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If you want to keep your neutral bedroom simple and minimalist, you can remove the decorations on the walls. Use natural decor to add a sense of nature, serenity, and comfort to the bedroom. Here, you can rely on the plants. No need to use large amounts. You can use one or two large plants to be placed in the corner of the room. And, if your bedroom is too small to add a large plant there, you can switch to hanging plants. You can hang the plant on the wall or the ceiling.

Choose indoor plants that can survive with minimal water and sunlight. However, make sure you also place the plants in an area exposed to sunlight so that the plants can still photosynthesize.

24. Maximum Natural Lighting

bright room
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This bedroom has a neutral look with a calm, warm, and fresh atmosphere. The white color in this room is very dominant so it makes the appearance look dirty. Moreover, the room is installed with several windows and also a glass door which allows sunlight to enter freely and illuminates the bedroom very well.

The wood material is installed vertically, starting from the ceiling fan, chair, and floor. Because the bedroom has a white shade and brown color, and also the texture of the light wood looks clear in this room and brings warmth. There is also a plant beside the chair that enhances yet decorates the bedroom so that it looks attractive and not stiff. In addition, it also brings a freshness that makes the bedroom feel more comfortable.

25. Spacious and Minimal Neutral Bedroom

minimal neutral bedroom
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Convenience is the main thing that is prioritized in this idea. It can be seen that there is only a low-profile bed and a rug that fills the room. With the application of this minimalist concept, the atmosphere of the room becomes calm. The window area is deliberately not given a curtain so that natural light can illuminate the room properly. Also, the beautiful scenery that can be enjoyed from the bedroom adds to the comfort of this room.

The white color and sleek wood material bring warmth to the room. The room is also filled with rugs, fabric bedframes, and layered bedding which increase warmth and make the room feel more comfortable.

Final Words

Neutral bedrooms are usually filled or decorated with neutral colors. So, when you apply a minimalist concept there, the room will turn calm and comfortable. It is just that a room that is too simple often gives the impression of being stiff and bored. Therefore, a special touch is needed that can balance comfort and beauty. And the points above are 25 Neutral Bedroom Ideas you can choose and follow. So, happy trying all!