Tips & Ideas: How to Make The Simple Large Living Room Look Not Stiff

1274 – Simple decoration does look much more mature and sweet. Currently, this decoration is being sought after by many people. For a minimalist room, simple decoration is highly recommended. However, for a large room, this decoration will most likely make it look stiff. So, for those of you who want to apply the simple decoration to the living room, here are the tips and ideas How to Make The Simple Large Living Room Look Not Stiff.

Fresh Look with Natural Elements


In a room with a simple decoration, applying natural elements into the living room makes it look sweet and not stiff. Here, natural stone is used as a living room wall. Some decorations such as statues and plants as if to make the living room feel like in the open. A cozy and warm atmosphere blanketed the entire room.

fresh-looked living room decor
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The white color as the base color of the room emphasizes the fresh look of the room. The presence of several windows also makes sunlight enter the living room freely. Sunlight on the walls makes the living room look so bright making this room a comfortable place.

Large-Scale Portraits

art living room decor
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Have a good and aesthetic photo? Certainly very unfortunate if only stored in memory. Some good photos can be used as wall decorations to make the simple living room look artsy. No need a lot, 3 to 5 large-scale portraits are enough to make the living room look beautiful and not stiff. Giving a frame with a slightly darker color makes it look more striking.

Optimize Space in The Living Room

The large living room has ample space. To make the living room not look stiff, you must optimize the space in this room. The use of a large soft sofa is the right idea and can also make a comfortable living room.

rustic living room design
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Use large sofas 2 to 3 sofas. And for the side, the fireplace can be used to fill the empty side. The presence of the fireplace can make this room feel comfortable in winter.

TV placement in the corner of the room makes the living room look unique and attractive. The black color of the TV makes it stand out even if placed in a corner.

High Roof and Big Chandelier That Looks Perfect

Large rooms usually have a high roof. This is usually where a simply decorated living room will look stiff. However, don’t worry. The use of large chandeliers will make a simple large living room look contained.

classy large living room decor
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For an elegant and classy design living room, crystal chandelier can be your choice. The light beam that hits the crystal will make the crystal shine, making the living room look much more beautiful. The impression of luxury in a simple living room will look so real.

Beautiful Large Living Room with Big Pendant

simple decor for large living room
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If you think chandeliers look so mainstream and luxurious, you can also use a large pendant instead. 2 to 3 large pendants in the living room make this room look elegant but simple.

To make your simple living room look mature look, a large pendant can also be a solution. There are so many benefits that you will feel from using this lamp. So, what are you waiting for?