Simple Ways to Create Attractive Monochrome Look for Kitchen

532 – Some people assume that the kitchen is not as important as the living room and bedroom. This is the reason why the appearance of the kitchen is rarely noticed and even seems unsightly. In fact, the kitchen has an important role in the function and appearance of the house. A beautiful kitchen will certainly add beautiful value to the interior of the house and make the home a comfortable place. In addition, the kitchen is also a room that is often used almost every day. Therefore, making the kitchen look beautiful is very important.

When renovating the kitchen or decorating the kitchen, often problems come up. Like do not know what you want to have the look of the kitchen, the right decoration, confused when determining the design for the kitchen, utilizing the space in the kitchen perfectly, and much more.

If you like the elegant and modern look, monochrome style is the right choice to be applied to the kitchen. The calm and bright white and the striking and sharp black make the kitchen look striking and attractive.

In making the monochrome kitchen, you do not need to be confused because here we have provided the Simple Ways to Create Attractive Monochrome Look for Kitchen you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

Striking Black Appearance on Several Spots

In making the kitchen feel comfortable, of course, you need to make white as the basic color of the kitchen. White can make the kitchen look bright even though given a touch of black color that will present the monochrome style into the kitchen.

To make an interesting monochrome kitchen, you must not present black on just one spot. This will only make the kitchen look weird. The combination of white and black must be adjusted to look harmonious so that the monochrome kitchen looks beautiful.

bright monochrome kitchen with black touch on several spots
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As can be seen from the picture above, the room designer presents a black color on the underside of the kitchen with a U shape so that the black color will be felt throughout the kitchen room. The selection of a refrigerator with a jet black color makes the kitchen corner look striking.

As for the white color, the room designer makes it on the top side of the kitchen so that the kitchen looks more bright. Room designers also make use of natural lighting that enters through the window. By using white as wall paint, the light that hits the surface of the kitchen wall will bounce off and make the kitchen monochrome look bright and sweet.

Present The Right Lighting for The Kitchen

Lighting is one factor that has a major influence on the appearance and comfort of a room. To make a monochrome kitchen look beautiful, kitchen lighting must of course be fitted.

The use of natural lighting is highly recommended for this room, especially the minimalist kitchen. With this, you can add or use more glass elements into the kitchen.

big window for monochrome kitchen
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  • Large Window

Large windows are an alternative way that is usually used to bring natural enrichment into the home. In addition, with the large window, you can see the beautiful view outside the house clearly. With this, you no longer need kitchen decoration because the kitchen already looks beautiful and attractive.

  • Glass Ceiling

If you want to bring the perfect natural lighting, the glass ceiling is the simplest way you can apply it to your monochrome kitchen. No need to use glass on the entire ceiling because this will consume a big enough budget. You only need to add one or two glass ceilings to the kitchen that you think needs excessive lighting. The black color that is exposed to sunlight makes it look shiny and jet so that the kitchen will look elegant.

  • Glass Door

The door is an item as access to enter or exit from one place to another. If there is a garden next to or behind your kitchen, you can use this to bring a fresh and bright green look to the kitchen. Using a glass door as access between your kitchen and the garden is the easiest way you can follow.

The glass door with black edges makes the monochrome kitchen look clearer. In addition, the kitchen also looks much more attractive and striking.

right lighting for monochrome kitchen modern
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To make the kitchen look bright, natural lighting isn’t the only thing you can use. You can also add artificial lighting by using lights to make the monochrome kitchen look bright at night.

  • Recessed Lighting Fixtures

The monochrome style does look more elegant, to emphasize the elegant look in the kitchen, recessed lighting fixtures are the most fitting lamps to be applied. Recessed lighting fixtures will provide overall fitting lighting in the kitchen so the kitchen looks bright and perfect. Warm lighting in recessed lighting fixtures can provide warmth into the kitchen so that the kitchen not only looks elegant but also feels comfortable.

  • LED Ceiling Fan

Want to make air circulation in the kitchen run well? Adding a fan is a simple way that you can apply it to your kitchen. When the air is hot, you can turn it on so the kitchen will feel a little cool.

Currently, there is an item called an LED ceiling fan that you can use to make air circulation in the kitchen run smoothly and also make the kitchen look bright.

  • Sconce Lighting

Decorating an empty kitchen wall is very important to do to make a monochrome kitchen not seem stiff. Sconce lighting can be used as a wall decoration and also a source of lighting for your kitchen.

  • Pendant

This one has become a lamp that is often used to illuminate the kitchen while providing an attractive appearance into the kitchen. Pendants made of black iron can emphasize the monochrome look in the kitchen so that the kitchen will look more interesting.

Marble Elements on The Monochrome Kitchen

By applying a monochrome style to the kitchen, a modern and elegant look can certainly be felt and seen clearly. With a little touch, a monochrome kitchen can not only look elegant but also look luxurious.

luxurious monochrome kitchen elegant and modern
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In addition to using recessed lighting fixtures, you can also add marble elements into the kitchen. The use of marble for the kitchen wall can make the kitchen wall look sparkling, let alone added lighting from sunlight and also lamps. The expensive and bright appearance makes a simple monochrome kitchen look so beautiful.

Sweeten The Look with Wood Elements

The combination of black and white does look so eccentric and striking. This is indeed suitable for you who have elegant modern tastes. However, if you want to make a monochrome kitchen look a little sweet, you can add wood elements to some items in the kitchen.

sweet monochrome kitchen with wood elements
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Benches made of brightly colored wood and smooth textured can make the kitchen look sweet and soft without having to eliminate the bright appearance in the kitchen. Utilizing a wooden floating shelf can also make the kitchen look beautiful and sweet.

In addition, the wooden floor can also be an option in presenting the warm nuance into the monochrome kitchen. The light wooden floor also makes the kitchen look bright soft so that the kitchen will look beautiful, sweet, and feel comfortable.