Ways a Portable Garage Can Help You Declutter


One of the best things about all of us staying home for longer periods of time is that we have time to get to all of that cleaning and decluttering we’ve been trying to do for years. If you are in the same boat of clutter that we’re in, a portable garage can help. Here are some ways using a portable garage can help you on the path to decluttering.

Portable Garages Are A Great Place to Sort

One thing none of us want to do when we have a house full of clutter is to make more clutter by trying to reorganize it. You could use your portable garage to put boxes in, and sort through them there. They’ll be safe from the elements, and you’ll have a place to sort your kids’ art projects from 15 years ago, or that “lovely” set of serving trays you got as a wedding gift from a cousin. You can decide what items to give away without bringing the box into the house.

Portable Garages As Seasonal Storage

You probably have different categories for items in your house. There are items you use all the time, as well as items you use during one season of the year, and items you never use, but don’t want to throw away. Portable garages make great storage places for seasonal items, such as Easter baskets, Fourth of July barbecue gear, and your Christmas tree with lights. By keeping these items on hand during the season, you’ll be able to enjoy them when you need them, and you’ll be able to store them in a protected, sheltered area.

Portable Garages As Workstations

You may have a hobby that you love, but you don’t have room for it in your house. No problem. With a portable garage, you’ll be able to move your hobby into a sheltered location where you can practice it in peace. Portable garages are especially useful if you have a hobby that creates a lot of clutter, such as car repair, woodworking, or gardening. Portable garages will have room for all the gear you need to use, and it will keep it out of the house.

Garage Sale, Anyone?

One of the best things a portable garage can give you is a place to hold a garage sale. If you want to have your garage sale over multiple weeks, you won’t want to drag all your garage sale items back and forth between your yard and your cluttered house. Instead, why not hold your garage sale in your portable garage? This will allow you to price your items for sale, keep them protected from the elements, and get them out of your house to help you declutter, all at the same time.

When you’re ready to take a giant leap towards decluttering, you need to look at using a portable garage. It’s a great way to store things you no longer need until you are ready for them to move on to their next owner. It also allows you to say you’ve done the work of decluttering your home–which is a great feeling of accomplishment.