The Reasons Why You Should Choose Large Window for Your House

745 – As a means of connecting between the outside of the house and inside the house, the window is definitely a mandatory item. There isn’t a single house that doesn’t have a window. If the window is usually used as decoration to make the house look beautiful from inside and outside, but now the function of the window is very much.

Nowadays, large windows are the choice of many people to apply to their homes. This is because the benefits of using large windows are numerous.

You must be wondering, what is the advantage of large windows? And why should large windows be used for a home? And here we will tell you The Reasons Why You Should Choose Large Window for Your House. So, let’s check it out!

Excessive Natural Lighting

The use of natural lighting is indeed a lot of benefits, besides saving electricity usage it can also make a home comfortable. Utilizing natural lighting during the day makes the interior of the house warm and soothing.

In bringing natural lighting into the house, the window is the only tool that can be used. The bigger the window, the more lighting comes into the house.

However, so that lighting can enter the house freely, there are some things that must be considered.

  • Do not put any decoration on the window


Decoration in the room is very necessary so that the room looks attractive and not stiff. However, the use of decoration on the window will only inhibit the lighting that enters your house. So, it’s better not to give any decoration to the window.

  • Net curtains

If you want to use curtains to make the room look beautiful, you can use a white net curtain. By using a net curtain, natural light can still enter your house perfectly and make the room look bright.

  • Long curtains

One disadvantage of using a large window is that you don’t have privacy. People from outside your house can see you when you are inside the house. Maintaining your privacy is very important, especially at night. It aims to prevent bad things from happening.

A long curtain becomes the most appropriate item to use for large windows. You can open the curtain in the morning and close it in the afternoon. In this way, your privacy will be maintained.

Make The House Look Modern

What is meant by the word “modern” here are not contemporary things. The purpose of modern here is to have a clean, simple, attractive, and of course comfortable.

The use of large windows will make the room look bright and clean. The interior of the house will feel so alive when getting natural lighting. In addition, by using windows, you no longer need to worry about what paint to use or what kind of wall decorations can make a room look beautiful. The use of large windows will make it much simpler and hassle-free.

Today there are various types of windows that can be used to make the home look modern.

  • Ceiling Window

Ceiling windows are usually applied to large buildings where this building does require excessive lighting. However, now the ceiling window is used for houses in making the house look modern.

  • Sliding Window

A sliding window is a type of window that is often used by people. Its simple and practical appearance makes it superior to others. You only need to slide the window to clean it when the window is getting dirty.

  • Skylight Window

Enjoying the view from the attic is very pleasant and can make us much more relaxed and calm. Skylights are the most suitable type of window for use in attics. When you want to enjoy the air from above you can open it. Its use and cleaning are also far more practical.

  • Arched Window

The arched window has a much more interesting shape. The use of arched windows for homes not only makes the house look modern but also looks luxurious.

Alternative to Making The Small Room Feel More Spacious

Nowadays, minimalist homes are indeed in great demand by many people. This is because a minimalist home is so comfortable to be occupied by one to two people. In addition, cleaning a minimalist home is also much easier.

However, behind all these advantages, the minimalist home certainly has disadvantages. Like small and limited rooms. Mistakes of decoration in a small room will have an impact on the comfort of the room itself. Therefore, a strategy is needed to make a small room feel more spacious.

The use of large windows is the most appropriate way to make a minimalist home a comfortable place to live. Excessive natural lighting that enters the house can make a minimalist home feel more spacious so that the minimalist house will be comfortable.

Getting The Beautiful View

Have a beautiful view outside the house? Of course, it will be a pity if it is not utilized. Beautiful scenery outside the house can affect the appearance of the house itself. The use of large windows can display beautiful views in the room. With this, the room will feel so comfortable and soothing. You no longer have to go outside the house or to the balcony just to enjoy the view. Just sit in the living room, enjoy warm tea, and a beautiful view that is second to none.

Streamlining Air Circulation

The morning air is very refreshing and can be used to make the air inside the house fresh and healthy. Then, what else can be used besides the window to bring fresh air?


Large windows that can be opened or slides can be used to create fresh air into the house. With this, air circulation will go well. Unhealthy air will be replaced with fresh and healthy air so that the house will be so comfortable.

Besides, when you feel hot and need fresh air, you don’t need to go to the balcony. Just open the window and sit next to the window. In this way, you will be much more relaxed.

Warmth into The Room Thoroughly

Some rooms in the house become the right room to gather with family or friends, such as the living room and dining room. Providing comfort to these two rooms is very important.

To bring comfort to the living room and dining room, the use of large windows is the most fitting solution. Large windows in the living room and dining room will bring natural lighting into the room. Sunlight that enters the room will bring a warm feel so the room will feel so comfortable and soothing.